Reasons Why FIFA Video Games Are So Popular

by Palabar

Football – a.k.a. soccer – is one of the most loved and watched games in the world with a very high fan base. Football fans are among the most dedicated worldwide, with millions rooting for their teams all around the globe. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) entertains and captivates its audiences through hundreds of sanctioned live football matches and officially licensed products like the beloved FIFA series from EA sports. FIFA games are available on various consoles, with the franchise having a solid run on PlayStation hardware. Curious why this game series is so popular? Read on!

Fits all audiences

EA Sports have come up with a platform where all the fans, be they casual or hardcore, can virtually participate in their most beloved sport. It’s easy to see how this can be a quite fun and addictive option for football fans, with an experience that mimics that of live games. FIFA has incorporated multiple gameplay options, from multiplayer online gaming to the robust Ultimate Team mode. Players can choose their difficulty level and adjust their opponents’ AI performance, so that players of all skill levels can dive in.

Worldwide phenomenon

Specific games have a niche in particular countries. For instance, Powerball has an audience in Austria, the USA, and Ukraine. However, football has a global appeal. The sport is exhilarating for several reasons. Even the best tactics and strategies rarely result in a win, where one club ruthless thrashes the other. Instead, both clubs put effort, teamwork, and strategy into play, giving it their all on the field. The players, who are backed up by their fans, put in a lot of work and commitment for them to build a legacy for club and country. FIFA video games understand and reflect these values, making it almost like the real thing. The best and skillful players still dominate the game no matter the team.


FIFA is a video game that makes football more accessible to players of all ages. People get the most out of the game to improve and become dynamic players, while others can become familiar with the game rules and go deeper into the gameplay mechanics. Games are available everywhere in the world, on all current gen consoles. It is also possible to play online with family and friends, or even with players you’ve never met, to maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Connect with other fans

As mentioned before , football fans are some of the most dedicated fans in the world. This fan base takes center stage every four years with the World Cup to show their dedication, living and breathing their team colors for months. FIFA keeps that connection going through online gaming. Whether you are connecting with a rival friend or fellow fan on the other side of the world, FIFA helps bring that connection, allowing you to show others why your club – and your country – should come on top.

Play year-round

The is no off-season in this game. Even if your favorite league is not playing, you can still play locally or online, allowing you to connect with fans at all times, as you all wait, counting down the days even, for the next release in the FIFA franchise that will bring updated team roster, new features, and, potentially, even new modes!


With so many options out there, games provide a welcome distraction from the world and offer an opportunity for friends and families to play together whether or not they are in the same house. FIFA provides an affordable, more ubiquitous, and more accessible platform for this, unlike other platforms that have other requirements.

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