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The Inner Friend from Playmind is a psychological horror/puzzle game on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our The Inner Friend review!

The Inner Friend from PlaymindPlaymind is a psychological horror/puzzle game on PlayStation 4 that will take you on the subconscious mind of the main character, who is going through reliving some of the traumas of his childhood. It takes players through seven different worlds that will include locations such as a high school, an art museum, and a hair salon, with the “monsters” you’d expect to find there that would have an impact on the mind of a young child. Each of the levels will have a series of puzzles for you to solve, as you help the child deal with the tension and overall feeling of vulnerability.

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The controls for The Inner Friend are easy to understand since you’ll be moving your character with the left analog stick, looking around with the right one. You can jump with the X button, and interact with things with the R2 button. The R2 button is the one you’ll be using the most as you grab items, and activate some stuff here and there. You’re going to be dying here and there in this one as you find the right timing and correct path to take for solving each of the game’s puzzles, but the good news is that the game features a generous checkpoint system, so you’ll be learning from your mistakes as you go, but you won’t have to repeat big chunks of each level as you do this.

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There will be 27 collectibles to find, and they include things such as a soccer ball, a picture, a globe, a robot, a paintbrush, a radio, and a toy doll, to name some examples. You’ll have to search around every corner of every room in each of the game’s stages, and usually behind objects that might be hiding them from your view so that you can manage to collect every single one. Once you’re back on your character’s main room, don’t forget to walk around the room to find the spots where each object needs to go so that you can press the R2 button to place them properly, slowly bringing the room back to life. The good news is that if you miss any of them, you’ll be able to use the level select feature after beating the game so that you can take another crack at it.

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As for the trophies in The Inner Friend, this indie release has twelve trophies in total, which means it does not include a Platinum trophy. What you will get is a list of trophies that includes two story-related trophies, with the rest being for completing different objectives in some of the game’s levels, as well as a set of trophies for finding 15 and 27 of the game’s collectibles – so sort of at the halfway point of your collecting efforts, and once you’ve found them all. Thanks to the game’s level select, none of the trophies are missable, which is definitely good news. As a heads-up, for the trophy for completing the hair salon level without the old lady catching up to you, if you mess up and she does catch you, you can just quit to the main menu and reload your game so that the death does not count.

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The Inner Friend is a short psychological horror/puzzle game that should take you around 3 hours or so to complete if you take your time to search every area on a level to find the collectibles that will bring your room back to life. The Inner Friend is out now on PlayStation 4 for $14.99.

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This The Inner Friend review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by PlaymindPlaymind.

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