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Task Force Kampas from eastasiasoft and Casiopeia is a new bullet hell shoot ‘em up on PS4. Learn more in our Task Force Kampas review!

Task Force Kampas from eastasiasoft and Casiopeia is a very different type of bullet hell shoot ‘em up that pays homage to the old-school Japanese shmups of ages past. It features randomly generated levels with a ton of enemies, mini-bosses, and large and deadly bosses, with some meteors thrown in for good measure as well. You will get to control a team of outcasts who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time during an evil invasion. It’s up to them to save everyone before it’s too late, and the universe is lost!

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The game is very easy to control, since you’ll have to move around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the Square button. As I mentioned before, this is a different type of shoot ‘em up because when you’re damaged, if you don’t stop shooting, you will lose a ton of your hit points. This means that if you shoot too much, you will leave yourself wide open to being killed, which is why you need to balance things out and stop shooting to repair your ship. But the more you shoot, the more enemies you will destroy, which will boost your attack power!

Each character will have different extra abilities to spice things up. Green will have an extra shot, Psychobaby will have a super shot, and La Yaya will have more hit points. There are also two extra characters for you to unlock, for which you’ll have to save lots of cocos, as well as beat the first boss in the game. Some enemies will release small cocos – crocodile-like creatures – when destroyed, so be sure to collect as many as you can!

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As you beat each section of the game, you will get a chance to select between one of two power-ups, which will boost your health, attack power, and more. The good news is that these power-ups do a great job of helping you survive for longer during each run, but the bad news is that power-ups are removed after you defeat a boss. It’s how the game balances things out so that you’re never overpowered since the other option would have been to dive into crazy “bullet hell so you can’t even move around without being hit territory.”

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As for the trophies for Task Force Kampas, this is a fun list that shouldn’t be much of a challenge for shoot ‘em up veterans. There are score-related trophies for reaching 50,000, 150,000, and 250,000 points, for defeating one, two, and three bosses, for killing 200, 500, and 1,000 enemies, for destroying 25, 50, and 100 meteors, others for dying a handful of times, for surviving the battle for a handful of minutes, and for collecting 10, 30, and 60 cocos. All things considered, it’s a list that shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so to complete.

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Task Force Kampas is a fun and easy pick up and play bullet hell shoot ‘em up. It has a lot of replay value thanks to its randomly generated stages and challenging bosses.
With different difficulty settings so that players of many skill levels can take a crack at it, Task Force Kampas is a good bullet hell shoot ‘em up to try on PlayStation 4.

This Task Force Kampas review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by eastasiasofteastasiasoft.

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