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Dungeon of the Endless from Playdigious, Sega, and Amplitude is an atmospheric rogue-like dungeon defense game with a sci-fi theme. Read more about this title in our Dungeon of the Endless review!

In Dungeon of the Endless, the player takes the role of the survivors of a prison spaceship, its escape pod having crashed to the surface of a strange planet. To escape, they must take an energy crystal through several floors, each floor filled with a number of dangerous creatures. To help, the player can have their survivors explore the randomly generated levels to collect resources as to enable power to various rooms and construct turrets to fend off the enemies when they move the crystal from its starting point to the elevator to the next floor.

Dungeon of the Endless release on Steam back in 2016 and had since gotten a few extensions, and has been now just released on the PlayStation 4. This game is a rogue-like in which you must defend your crystal at all costs, while discovering an hostile space ship that has taken you prisoner.

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The game begins with a small cut-scene in which you see your space ship getting attacked, then right after you get to the game selection screen in which you can select the game difficulty, and select your hero from the list of unlocked ones. More heroes unlocks as you progress through the game.

The game launches you all into the action without any explanation on how to play. I figured out a few moments later that there’s a tutorial hidden in the options menu, so I had already made a few games before I accidentally stumbled on it. Given the nature of this game, I think an optional tutorial should have been available from the menu instead of figuring out most of the mechanics myself.

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Basically, the gameplay is to protect your crystal from the hordes of monsters that roam the prison in which you are, while exploring the rooms of the level you’re in. Each floor is randomly generated which adds some variety to the mix. You have to navigate in the different rooms looking for an exit, while firing at everything coming at you. There’s also rooms that offers upgrades to your characters weaponry using some resources found in the space ship.

As for the game’s presentation, I liked the pixelated look and feel which is well done, and the cut-scenes felt like FMV from the (very) early PlayStation 1 era. Sounds effects are sent to the Dualshock controller and it’s one PS4 feature I always thought was a nice bonus when it was used. I do have to mention the game controls which felt awkward at times: menus doesn’t support the left D-Pad and only the analog sticks are supported. This meant that each time menu popped, I put my fingers on the intuitive D-Pad, just to remember it doesn’t work on this game, then used the analog stick instead.

Dungeon Of The Endless PlayStation 4 Review - 4

Final Thoughts
Dungeon of the Endless is a good game for people looking for a rogue-like dungeon game, and has a good replay value thanks to the randomly generated levels. I personally thought that the game felt repetitive after a little while, but this game is still easy to recommend.


PSN Game size: 200 MB

This Dungeon of the Endless review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Amplitude.

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