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Piczle Cross Adventure from Score Studios and Plug In Digital is a new nonogram puzzle game with an RPG twist. Learn more in our Piczle Cross Adventure review!

Are you ready for a new nonograms game from Score StudiosScore Studios and Plug In DigitalPlug In Digital set in the Piczle universe? Well, this time around, the puzzles are presented in an RPG package thanks to Piczle Cross Adventure! You will join Professor Matrix, Score-chan, and Gig on an epic adventure of pixeltastic proportions! With more than 300 puzzles to solve, you’ll progress through the game’s overworld as you complete puzzles to bring objects back to life with your might.

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If you’re new to the Piczle games, allow me to bring you up to speed. Professor Matrix created a substance called Piczle dust, which can turn any object it touches into pixels. Unfortunately, Score-chan breaks the Piczlematic-3000 camera that contained the Piczle dust, covering Dbug, the Professor’s cat, with the dust. The cat runs off out of the lab, transforming a ton of objects into pixels. The good news is that after solving a ton of puzzles, they manage to restore all objects. The bad news is that after doing this, they end up leaving behind a pot of Piczle dust.

The Professor’s next invention was the Piczle paint 3000, which made it possible to remove all color from any object. As you can imagine, Score-chan once again ends up unleashing this new invention, robbing objects of their colors. Score-chan and Gig end up embarking on an adventure to restore all of the lost colors, thus saving the day – even though Score-chan was the one responsible for this whole mess in the first place!

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Remember that pot of Piczle dust I mentioned before? Well, it fell into the hands of villain Dr. Mona Chromatic, who uses it to power a robot she names under_SCORE – think of it as a Nega Score-chan of sorts – as well as her evil machine that will be used to turn everything in the world into black and white pixel objects. Because of all of their experience dealing with pixelated objects that have lost all of their colors, the Professor, Score-chan, and Gig spring into action just in time for a new adventure!

To save the world, you will have to bring back all of the pixelated objects that have gone missing, and you’ll do it by solving hundreds of nonogram puzzles! If you’re new to nonograms, they are logic-based puzzles made from rows and columns of blocks. For each row or column, a number of group of numbers will be shown, and these are the clues that will help you to solve each puzzle! Puzzles will come in different shapes and sizes, but you can take on them in any order that you want – except for the starting set of tutorial puzzles – so you’ll always have a puzzle to play for your skill level.

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The numbers represent the number of blocks you need to fill in for each row and column so that you can bring back lost objects. If there is more than one number present for a row or column, then that means that you must leave at least one empty space between each set of blocks. You will move the on-screen cursor with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, filling up blocks with the A button, and marking those that you think should remain blank by pressing the B button. If you need to erase an incorrect block, just place the cursor over it and press the A button.

As you complete each puzzle and bring objects back with all of their colors, you will gain experience points. Obtain enough experience points, and you will level up! You have to level up so that you can take on some of the puzzles that have a level requirement. The level requirement is basically there so that players don’t jump straight into the bigger and more difficult puzzles right from the start so that they can first get some, well, experience with how the game works and how puzzles must be solved.

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Piczle Cross Adventure also has an in-game trophy system that will reward your efforts with a variety of trophies that will unlock and pop up on the bottom of the screen as you complete their requirements. The first trophy you will unlock will be for completing the game’s tutorial, with other trophies unlocking for things such as using the clue roulette on a puzzle, reaching level 5, exploring the whole map, completing 50 puzzles, walking 3,000 steps in total, or reading all of the books in the library, to name some examples.

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The Piczle set of games are a fun trio of nonogram puzzlers with hundreds of puzzles to solve, and Piczle Cross Adventure is a great addition to the series. It introduces some new elements, such as a colorful and charming pixeltastic overworld to explore and some secrets to find here and there, to make it feel like a fresh experience, offering dozens of hours of fun at a budget price, which is why you should add it to your collection today! Piczle Cross Adventure is available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

This Piczle Cross Adventure review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.

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