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by EdEN, Owner

Knight Swap from QUByte Interactive and Minimol Games is a fun minimalist puzzle game in which you have to swap knights on a board to beat each stage. Learn more in our Knight Swap review!

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In Knight Swap from QUByte InteractiveQUByte Interactive and Minimol GamesMinimol Games, you’ll be using the left analog stick to select the available knights on each stage, grabbing and dropping them with the A button, or canceling your selection with the B button. You can use the right analog stick to rotate the bord left or right as needed, and can also configure the game to show a grid over the board to help you visualize things, and even show shortcuts that can aid you by presenting possible moves that each knight can make. You can also control the game by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen if you’re playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if you’re using a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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The first handful of levels will allow you to get the hang of things, and will serve a bit as the game’s tutorial. The basic goal for each level is to move the knights on the screen as you’d move them in a game of chess, as you try to get each one to their corresponding color tile. There are no timers and no limits on the number of moves you can make, so you’ll be able to take on each of the game’s levels at your own pace, making it ideal for chess and puzzle fans who like to play games that don’t overwhelm them with too many elements at once.

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Things are easy at first since you only have to worry about moving each knight to its spot on the board, but as you progress through the game, new elements are introduced to keep things feeling fresh. The first extra element you will run into are teleporting tiles which will send a knight to the corresponding teleporter of the same color. You will then reach stages that need to be flipped over by pressing the X button – or swiping up on the screen – to check the other side of the board so that you can complete the puzzle.

Knight Swap Switch Review - 3

Knight Swap is a fun puzzle game with a simple premise and a handful of hours of content. With its 100 puzzle levels to offer, it’s very easy to recommend this budget title since it’s only $0.99 on the Nintendo Switch.

This Knight Swap review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QUByte InteractiveQUByte Interactive.

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