VR Innovations in Video Games and iGaming

by Palabar

What is VR

VR or Virtual Reality is a still relatively new technology that aims to make video games for the PlayStation 4 – and eventually the PlayStation 5 – much more realistic by creating a 3D environment and allowing the player to interact with everything in the simulation by using his body, making the experience as close as possible to real life.

Ever since it was invented, companies have jumped on the VR train and began implementing it in almost every sphere where it is possible. VR technology has made significant breakthroughs in many areas, but it has gained the most ground in the video entertainment industry where companies are completely changing the experience of PS gaming by making 3D VR adventure software as well as gambling VR games for the online iGaming industry.

Some of this entertainment software is so realistic that it will make you feel like you’re inside this virtual reality world where you’re able to feel everything happening around you. If it is online iGaming with virtual reality, you’ll be able to walk around the casino floor and pick the one you want that way instead of just browsing on your tablet. It’s a really cool technology that is taking the entire gaming industry by force and even though there are a lot of games available right now that are very well made, the peak of VR innovations in the video entertainment industry is still yet to come.

Benefits of VR gaming

As mentioned before, the gaming industry is currently the one most affected by virtual reality and it’s currently the hottest topic among developers in this industry. A lot of companies are putting a lot of effort into making VR gaming for PS better by inventing stuff like cybershoes, which allow you to move around in the VR world. As the industry is getting better and more advanced, there are many benefits worth mentioning like:

• Richer gaming environment
• Virtual objects that gamers will enjoy
• Increased player engagement and activity
• Much better gaming experience

Equipment Needed for VR Gaming

VR gaming is unlike regular PS gaming because it requires a few more pieces of equipment to be able to experience everything the way it was intended to. There is some software that requires very expensive equipment, but some aren’t as expensive and their price is very affordable. Basically, you’ll need a good headset, a few controllers and sensors that can be found for prices of $400 and might go up to over $3000.

If you’re trying to run VR on a PC or PC casino games you’ll need a powerful computer with an excellent graphic card like NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 or higher with a CPU that is either Intel-i5-4590 or Ryzen 5 1500X or higher. You’ll also need over 8GB RAM and HDMI 1.3 video output ports as well as a few USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. The OS has to be at least Windows 7 SP1 64bit to get the best experience possible.

For PlayStation owners, you’re going to need a PlayStation 4, or a PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as a PlayStation VR headset. For some games, you’ll be able to use the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controllers to play with PlayStation VR games – or PlayStation 4 games that are compatible with the headset – but some might require that you use one or two PlayStation Move controllers.

VR Online Gambling

As the video entertainment industry is taking advantage of the VR emergence, the iGaming industry is doing the same because there’s a huge potential in this technology and every big developing company is coming out with their VR entertainment software for both gambling and gaming. Aside from the developers, the online casinos are also jumping at the chance to get these amazingly real and entertaining games on their website and many of the best online casino sites already have the best VR software in their repertoire. These sites recognize that this is the future of online gambling and they are looking to be among the first few that are adopting this new technology and attracting many new players by being ahead of the pack.

Best VR Casino Games and Video Games

While the potential of these VR games is extremely high and there’s a lot of room for development and improvement, there is some software that is already out and available that offer an amazing playing experience to the gamers.

VR iGaming Products

Jack’s World – A very good VR casino game made by NetEnt, which is a huge name in the gaming industry. Their first VR software was a huge success and features amazing graphics making the game feel very real. It truly captures and enhances the experience of playing VR games. Although it’s a VR software and it’s considered expensive, there are some one dollar casinos that have it and you can check it out without investing too much.

Pokerstars VR – A casino poker VR software that features great graphics and sounds for an overall awesome experience. You’re actually right there in the room and you can interact with the other players, throw in the chips in front of you like on a real poker table and see everyone’s reaction when you do that.

Blackjack Bailey VR – VR casino blackjack software that is incredibly well made. It’s available on Steam and you can play it with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift – you can also get it from the Google Play store. It’s great for practicing because it’s single player and doesn’t involve real money. The graphics are truly great and the entire experience is surreal.

VR Video Games

Half Life: Alyx – One of the absolute best creations in the virtual reality world. It has amazing graphics that will keep you on your toes as this is a horror game in which you’re walking through a world with zombies that attack you.

No Man’s Sky – Another extremely well-made software that is in the genre of adventure. The game allows you to discover many new 3D generated worlds and execute missions while running around or flying around with a jet pack. It’s use of PlayStation VR is very immersive and makes for a great experience.

Beat Saber – a very popular game that feels like a mix of Guitar Hero, Tron and Star Wars. It involves you cutting your way using lightsabers through oncoming blocks that are in different colors while also trying to dodge oncoming obstacles.

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