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by EdEN, Owner

We’re working on a review for Path of Giants, so I got in touch with Journey Bound Games to talk about Path Of Giants and its Nintendo Switch release. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good morning! Thank you for joining us. Could you please help us get started by introducing yourself to our readers and telling them a bit about your work?

Hello! We are Andrew and Hana, the development team behind Path of Giants – our first game and our first step into game development. We are a married couple who decided to try our hand at game design since we love playing games together. Though we are new to the game world, we have both been in the art industry for many years and love working on creative projects whenever we have time. Andrew decided to learn to program and is the animator and coder for the game, and Hana is the artist and level designer. And of course, the game wouldn’t be as calming as it is without the charming original score composed by Clark Aboud.

PS4B: On that note, Path of Giants is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. How would you describe the game?

Path of Giants is a calming puzzle game where the player takes control of three explorers and must overcome a variety of trials to find a fabled treasure. There are no forced time limits or move counters, so players can take their time solving the puzzles, which slowly increase in difficulty as the game progresses. The three explorers must use teamwork to navigate every puzzle creating a solo co-op experience!

Path of Giants Review - 2

PS4B: How long did it take to develop Path of Giants? How did the game change from the initial concept phase to the final version we’ll soon get to play?

Path of Giants has been a passion project filling our nights and weekends for about four years now while we worked full-time jobs. As this was our first game, and we had no game development experience when we started, we wanted to create a game with a small scope, so we decided on a mobile puzzle game. As we worked on it, the game changed a lot, and slowly turned into something more than just a first game to learn on.

We kept pushing it to be better and more polished so that we could create the best player experience we could. In January of this year, we decided to focus on game development full-time, and that has allowed us to take our designed initially mobile game and re-create it for other platforms such as Steam, and now the Nintendo Switch!

Path of Giants Switch Review - 3

PS4B: Are there any differences between the Steam and the Nintendo Switch versions of the game?

There are no differences game-wise between the Steam and Nintendo Switch versions, apart from an extra bit of optimization to allow for smoother gameplay. Visually, the Steam version has a bit more bells and whistles on it’s Ultra settings as PC games allow more based on what PCs can handle. Since we initially released Path of Giants as a mobile game, a lot has changed between the mobile version and the Steam and Nintendo Switch version. Since the puzzles were originally designed for a portrait device, we re-designed most of the puzzles to work best for landscape view.

Path of Giants Switch Review - 4

PS4B: And now it’s time for us to go. Would you like to add anything else?

We are so excited to be expanding our game to a wider audience, and can’t wait for everyone to play. Growing up with classic Nintendo games, it truly is a dream come true seeing our game come to Nintendo Switch. These three little explorers have been with us for so many years now and have given us the opportunity to do what we love full-time!

Path of Giants Nintendo Switch Review - 5

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