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Rush Rover from Ratalaika Games and radio is a roguelike twin-stick top-down shooter now out on PS4 and PS Vita. Learn more in our Rush Rover review!

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Rush Rover from Ratailaka Games and radio is a roguelite twin-stick top-down shooter on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita that almost feels like a shoot ‘em up – and a bullet hell at times once you’ve made some progress. In it, you will control a mining rover that is trying to survive in a world in which machines have taken over. Intelligent robots were in charge of mining exploration through the galaxy… and they ended up going rogue! They go to war to win their independence from humans and end up hacking other robots to try and conquer everything.

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You’ll move your robot with the left analog stick, aiming with the right one. Your starting weapon will also fire automatically in the direction you press the right analog stick, while other weapons will require you to press the R2 button to fire. You can dash with the L2 button as you try to avoid enemies and their attacks. You can use available skills with the R1 button, and there’s even an Item Shop you can quickly access with the Square button. From the Item Shop, you’ll be able to spend the money you collect to power up your machine gun, boost your ammo, and more, which will certainly come in handy when you’re out there trying to stay alive!

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This is a roguelite, which means that content will be randomly generated, so you won’t know what you’ll find when you go from room to room. What you can know is that there are going to be many enemies to defeat, since all infected robots will be out to get you. They come in different shapes and sizes, and every single one can be deadly if you don’t act fast! Every now and then you’ll run into a boss room in which you’ll battle against a larger and more deadly robot type, so be ready to pay attention to its movement and attack patterns so that if you can’t survive the battle, you can at least learn from your mistakes for the next time you run into that boss.

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This Cross-Buy release has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, and trophy hunters will jump in joy to learn that, if you have what it takes, a new Platinum trophy can be yours in 20-30 minutes at most! To obtain all trophies, you’ll need to destroy 10, 20, and 30 robots – which will happen after you complete a couple of rooms, defeat a Guardian boss, and dive into the Dodge Challenge option and survive for only 45 seconds to get three more trophies for your collection. The remaining trophies will be for obtaining the Unscathed and Blitz awards five times in a row. For Blitz, you need to complete a room before the timer hits zero. As for Unscathed, you need to complete a room without being hit once. As long as you manage to complete five rooms in a row without being hit and before the timer hits zero, you’ll get a handful of trophies, and the Platinum will pop.

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Rush Rover is a fun Cross-Buy arcade-style roguelike twin-stick top-down shooter on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita that certainly offers enough fun for its budget $4.99 asking price. It offers a nice difficulty curve that will allow you to learn as you play, and a quick Platinum trophy for trophy hunters to rejoice.

This Rush Rover review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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