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Super Space Snake from Digital Game Group is a casual arcade style release on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Super Space Snake review!

In Super Space Snake you will take control of a snake as you eat as many pellets as possible as you slither through space. Each of your runs will start with you as the small Baby Snake, but as you eat more pellets you will go from this to Tiny Snake, as you work your way towards turning into the titular Super Space Snake.

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The controls are simple to understand since you’ll be moving up, down, left, and right as you ear the neon pellets to help your snake grow in size. While doing this, you will need to avoid colliding into the laser boundaries, as well as stay far away from mines. If you don’t hurry up and eat the neon pellets, then they will transform into deadly mines.

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The game offers four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Extreme, and Classic. The first three will offer different levels of difficulty, so that players of all skill levels can have a chance to play the game. As for Classic, if you select it then the neon pellets that you have to eat will not transform into mines if you’re not fast enough to eat them.

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As your snake continues to grow, so will the overall playing area, in order to accommodate its new size. The laser boundaries will still remain on all sides of the single-screen arena, but you will notice that there is a larger area for you to slither through, as you not only try to avoid hitting the laser boundaries or any mines, but also your own body. If you hit any of these, then it’s game over, and you’ll have to start all over again.

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Super Space Snake is a simple and to the point arcade style release for Nintendo’s console that aims to please a more casual set of gamers. It sets out to do one thing, and it certainly does that well, but your enjoyment will depend on how open you are to how the game’s only replay value is to have you try to beat your own high score and nothing more. Super Space Snake is out on Nintendo Switch for $4.99.

This Super Space Snake review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digital Game Group.

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