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Sky Racket from Double Dash Studio is a brick breaker shoot ’em up on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Sky Racket review!

Sky Racket from Brazilian indie team Double Dash StudioDouble Dash Studio is a colorful and fun 2D brick breaker and shoot ’em up mash-up that makes the most of its parts. You will take control of Racket Boy or Racket Girl – or have someone join in on the fun with the game’s local co-op option – as you use the might of your racket to send back enemies attacks, dealing damage and destroying bricks by making the most of said bullets. Not all bullets can be sent back to enemies, so be sure you pay attention as you play!

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You’ll move your character around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, striking with your racket with the Y button. You can roll by pressing the B button and a direction on the D-Pad or the left analog stick so that you can avoid danger. If you have a buddy character with you, then you will be able to use its abilities with the A button. Buddy characters can be upgraded if you collect two of the same type in a row, greatly increasing their power, but you need to be careful because a single hit will remove your buddy from play. As you avoid damage, destroy bricks and enemies and collect stars, you will start to build up a combo meter. As long as you avoid getting hit, you will continue to keep this combo gain, giving your score a considerable boost.

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If you want to 100% the game, then you’ll have to complete bonus objectives for each of the stages you will take on. You could have to avoid being hit, destroy at least X number of blocks, hit all strikeable enemies, defeating Y number of enemies, getting a combo Z high, avoid being seen by some very annoying spotlight enemies, and more. It’s a nice way to add some replay value to the game, and who knows, there might be a surprise for you if you end up completing all of the objectives for each regular stage and boss battle!

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Each of the levels in Sky Racket will be treated as a set in a tennis match, which is why the boss battle at the end of a world will be presented as the match point! To succeed, you will need to pay attention to a boss’ movement and attack patterns so that you can stay away from harm’s way as you find the best window of opportunity to deal some serious damage. Boss battles lean a bit into bullet hell territory, so be sure to notice which bullets you can use to attack and which ones you need to avoid, or your hit points will run out before you know it!

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Sky Racket is a fun brick breaker and shoot ’em up mash-up with a great-looking art style, easy to understand gameplay mechanics, and 12 stages to beat. There’s some extra replay value thanks to the bonus objectives to complete, and twice the fun to be had thanks to its local co-op multiplayer. Sky Racket is out now on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price tag.

This Sky Racket review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Double Dash StudioDouble Dash Studio.

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