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by EdEN, Owner

Lots of Slots from Digital Game Group promises Las Vegas-style casino fun on Nintendo Switch. Find out if it delivers in our Lots of Slots review!

Lots of Slots Review - First One

Your casino adventure will start with 25,000 free chips, and you will have to make them count as you aim to get many free spins and pay out bonuses as you build on those 25,000 chips to become a millionaire. There are fifteen different slot machines to play, but when you first start, you will only have two of then open for play: Treasure Hunt and Aqua. Treasure Hunt, as the name suggests, will be a treasure hunting themed slot machine in which you’ll have to match daggers, adventurer’s hats and whips, golden skills, compasses, ancient helmets, crowns, and more to win big prizes. Aqua features a sea theme, with a relaxing but upbeat song playing on the background as you try to match starfish, turtles, crabs, octopi, clams, jellyfish, and J, Q, and K with an underwater look.

Lots of Slots Review - 1

For all slot machines, you’ll be betting for the different available lines that can pay big prizes depending on your luck, betting some of your chips times the number of lines you select. If you get three or more visible Free Spin symbols anywhere on the playing area, you will get to play the Free Spins bonus round. Wild symbols will act as wild cards, substituting any other symbol on the lines it’s active on, except for Free Spins symbols. The more of each symbol that is active on a line – counting from left to right – the bigger the pay you’ll receive.

The nine lines that you can play follow specific patterns, which you can check based on the color of each line displayed on the slot machine, as well as in the game rules section of the slot machine. Every win that you get will multiply the value of the line’s total payout times how much you’ve bet for each line, so you’ll need to decide how big of a risk you’re willing to take with your chips. Slow and steady might be the way to go, but if you’re feeling lucky, it might be time to go big or go home!

Lots of Slots Switch Review - 2

Every spin that you take will reward you with some experience points, no matter the outcome of your bet. The more spins you take, the more experience points you will earn, and as you level up, you’ll get to unlock a new max bet total per line, as well as earn some bonus chips for your efforts. The bigger your per line bet, the more experience points you will get for that spin, so you might want to keep that in mind in case you’re close to leveling up and could use the extra experience boost of one large bet to level up and earn some much-needed bonus chips.

Lots of Slots Switch Review - 3

Leveling up is also how you unlock the other machines in Lots of Slots. You tually get to decide which slot machine you’re going to unlock next, which was a nice surprise. These extra machines include Fairies of the Fae, in which you’ll march rainbows, unicorns, and lots of fairies, Happy Farm, where you’ll match eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, trucks, cows, pigs, chickens, windmills and female farmers, or Aliens vs. Slots, that has you marching robots, astronauts, spaceships, planets, and lots of aliens.

Lots of Slots Nintendo Switch Review - 4

I had a lot of fun playing Lots of Slots on Nintendo Switch. The game promised a Las Vegas-style slot machine experience, and other than not having a video mode as most modern slot machines do, the game delivered on its promise. With 15 slot machines in total, each with its own theme and song, and a budget price of $7.99, this is one I recommend you check out on Nintendo Switch if you’re looking for a game that will scratch that slot machine itch.

This Lots of Slots review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by Digital Game Group.

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