Wunderling Out Today On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Wunderling from Retroid Interactive is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Come check out the game’s trailer and some new info and screens!

Wunderling Nintendo Switch Review - 3

Chase down the Hero across beautiful scrolling levels and show him who’s the real BOSS!

Take control of the Wunderling, a low-level video game goon who has just unlocked the power to jump. Unable to stop or change direction at will, you will need to plan ahead and master the Wunderlings’ abilities to navigate treacherous scrolling levels and chase down that pesky Hero.

Wunderling Nintendo Switch Review - 1

Wunderling Review - 2

Wunderling Review - 5

Wunderling Review - 7

Wunderling Switch Review - 6

Wunderling Nintendo Switch Review - 4

Wunderling Switch Trailer - 8

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