The Latest Smite Update: What New In-Game Items Can You Look Forward To?

by Palabar

As games begin to cater to cross-platform audiences, they are having to do more to keep customers interested. But with the latest set of updates offering new and exciting skins and gameplay changes, could this be enough to keep audiences interested in these old titles?

What Is Smite?

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena game which sees players fight each other on different maps. Each player controls one character, who are Gods. Each character is based on one of many mythologies and has a unique set of abilities that can help to gain a vast number of elements and advantages. The characters are easy to control and you can pick up on their nuisances within just a few days of gameplay.

What Can You Look Forward To In The New Update?

Since the release of this game back in 2014, many copies have been downloaded across multiple platforms. Whether you are playing it on the PC or on the PlayStation 4, there are plenty of amazing updated elements for you to enjoy within this new patch update.

The Blink Rune – This creates moments when players can catch each other out during gameplay. With the ability to close gaps on enemies for aggressive play as well as the possibility of a last-second escape from an oncoming attack, this is an update that lends itself well to the fast-paced nature of competitive e-sports. This, therefore, opens up a whole new wave of possibilities for the title as fans of the game begin to compete to become the best at the title.

Mace – This is already a popular choice for many players that are looking to have the upper hand, however, this is only set to increase. This updated in-game element will decrease the cost from 700 to 650 with this patch and will also remain the same with other costs of tier 2 and 3 building items within the game.
The Shoes of Magi Update0 – This left the shoes in a strange spot. Power has been added to make up for the penetration loss, increasing the damage of non-god targets. There’s also an 8% life steal in the Smite patch from this update, as well as 100 mana points added to the game.

The Transcendence Tactics – There is a common problem that many gamers have been experiencing in recent months. This update no longer provides 10% cooldown reduction in general, however, it does provide a cooldown reduction of 10% for those that are fully evolved. This is key for those that have taken the time to evolve their characters as they then receive the upper hand as a result.

With this in mind, there are plenty of elements that are in this update that can revolutionise gameplay so far and bring more to new and existing players. Whether you are new to the game or you have played before, we are sure that you will love this game. Where will you start?

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