[PS4 Double Review] Epic Word Search Collection Review

by Ceidz, Owner

If you thought word search puzzles were boring and repetitive, think again, because we have one you’re going to really dig! If you’re curious, then check out our Epic Word Search Collection review!

This is a double review for Epic Word Search Collection. Ceidz and ThaRaven403 played the game, and this review presents what they both had to say.

An Epic Word Search puzzle is a giant scrolling monster of a word search, with around 1,500 words hidden in a massive grid of more than 14,000 letters.

The sheer size of a puzzle means it takes even the most avid word puzzler about ten hours to complete each one! Fortunately, the game is optimized to load quickly so you can pick up right where you left off whenever you have a spare moment.

Word search puzzles are something we’re all familiar with. You’re, for example, presented with a grid of 20 by 20, all filled with letters, and a list of words next to it. Your goal is to find all the listed words in the grid, and they can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Epic Word Search Collection takes this concept to another level!

When you start the game, you are presented with four word search puzzles, all on a different theme: Food, Journeys, Animals, and Sports. Once you pick one of them, you’re dropped on a giant grid that contains 16 sections. Each section has a sub-theme related to the word search you are in and contains about one hundred words on average. This makes for a total of more than 1500 words to search for per puzzle!

Epic Word Search Collection PS4 Review

Since this could be a bit overwhelming, the game has a nice way of helping you around. Instead of presenting you with an incredibly huge list of words, the game is always displaying the list of words for which you have at least one letter visible on the grid. This can help you a lot to guide you on where the words could be since the list updates as soon as some letters appear or disappear from the grid. Each section also has a different color so that you can easily see both on the grid as well as in words list the section you have to look on.

I am still in the process of completing Word Search by POWGI on my PS4 (I platinumed the PlayStation Vita version), but I was all in for taking on another take on word search puzzles. If you like word search puzzles, it can’t get better than this! Completing a single section – out of the sixteen that a puzzle has – is a great feeling, and it gets even better when you end up completing the whole thing. With so many words to search for, it’s the kind of puzzles that you can easily drop in and out off, completing a section at a time when you feel like it, so you’ll end up spending a lot of time with the game for a few evenings before completing a single one.

As soon as Epic Word Search Collection boots up, you are introduced to a menu screen offering us the choice of selecting either one of four themes: Food, Journeys, Animals, and Sports. As ThaRaven403 mentioned, a traditional word search game goes in a relatively digest size with puzzles that are on 10×10 grids and up to 30×30 grids for the largest puzzles. This time around, epic is a great way of describing how humongous each of the four different puzzles is since each one contains 16 sub-sections, and each one of said sub-sections spans over nearly three screens wide. Each theme contains as many as 1500 words, so if you like word puzzle games, you’re going to love this one!

Epic Word Search Collection Review

This game’s presentation is relatively basic, but it gets the job done. Each section of the grid is color-coded to let you know in which section the words are displayed. Speaking of which, on the right side are the words that can be found on the screen – or at least the ones that begin on the screen. As for the background music, it was a refreshing classical piano soundtrack that felt appropriate for the type of game.

If you’re only here for the trophies, your experience will run a bit shorter than the announced 40-60 hours to clear the whole grids, since no trophies ask you to complete all four puzzles. You have to complete a section in each one of the four themes, but after that, it’s mostly just a matter of finding a few specific words in each of them. Luckily, the trophy descriptions can help you to determine in which section you must search for the words. If you can get a hold of a trophy guide, achieving the Platinum trophy will take you around 2 hours or so.

Epic Word Search Collection PS4 Review

When I think about word search games, I often make a reference to the excellent Fifty Words by POWGI game, as it was both fun and very well done. Epic Word Search Collection falls into a different category, but it was still fun to discover the different hidden words.

Final Thoughts
Epic Word Search Collection is a great release for gamers looking for a huge word search game with a ton of content to offer. We were genuinely impressed by the sheer size of each of the four grids this game has. If you’re here for the trophies, this a game that can be Platinumed in roughly 2 hours, so it’s definitively easy to get.

Price: $7.99 USD (Cross-Buy PS4 + Vita)

This Epic Word Search Collection review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by Lightwood Games.

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