HyperParasite On Its Way To PS4 And Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Troglobytes Games and Hound Picked Games got in touch to announce that twin-stick roguelite HyperParasite will release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch next month. Come check it out!

HyperParasite is a fresh take on the twin-stick shooter, offers incredibly slick fast-paced action, responsive controls and has more mullets than you can shake a pink neon sock at.

With 60 classes of host, each of which can be snatched and controlled, to take advantage of their unique skills and weaponry. Laced with comedy, a bodacious synth-wave soundtrack and rad retro visuals that drags the player kicking and screaming back to the 80s! HyperParasite is a game full of outrageous and rip-roaring brawling action that throws down the fingerless glove to its challengers.

Troglobytes Games and Hound Picked Games are teaming up with QubicGames for the Nintendo Switch release of the game, and with eastasiasoft for the game’s release in Asia. The game will be out in Asia on April 2, followed by its worldwide release on April 3 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

HyperParasite Features:

A unique twist on the genre; jump from one host body to another

Over 60 (SIXTY!) different characters to control as host bodies

A unique retro 3D-pixelated aesthetic

Survive 5 acts of procedurally generated, grungy looking levels where secrets are hidden around every dark corner… tentacles too.

Trouble loves company! Bring a mate and deliver twice the carnage in local co-op mode

Original beats served by Van Reeves and Joe Kataldo, delivering a thumping score with a pulsating synthwave bassline, punctuating every snatch and kill

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