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Two Point Hospital brings the hit building management sim to the Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Two Point Hospital review!

Hospital building sim Two Point Hospital, from
Sega and Two Point Studios is now out on Nintendo Switch! You’ll be taking on Two Point County as you start to build a healthcare empire. The main goal for the games stages is simple and to the point: build a hospital, keep it running, treat patients that visit, and turn a profit. Keeping patients in tip-top shape is certainly a very important objective, but this costs money since you’ll need to have clean facilities with all of the equipment needed for proper diagnose and treatment. This is on top of having qualified and reliable staff, and nothing will keep your staff more focused and happy than the potential of being able to get a raise.

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The game will get you started with a smaller hospital that should help you get used to things as you learn the basics. You’ll move the camera with the left analog stick, zooming in and out as needed with the ZL and ZR buttons. If you need to rotate the camera, you can do so with the right analog stick. Press the Y button to access the selection section at the lower-left corner of the screen. From here, you’ll be picking from different room types and items to start building your hospital, with everything costing valuable money. Don’t go crazy building too many things or you won’t be able to pay your staff!

Step one in your journey will be to build a reception desk so that you can hire an assistant to help patients register as they arrive at the hospital. As is the case for all of the hospital staff you’ll be hiring, each potential member will have a rating between one to five stars, depending on how skilled they are at their job. The higher their rating, the higher their recruitment fee and overall salary, but a better-rated staff member will certainly get the job done, and could even have additional skills for you to make the most of.

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Once a patient has registered at the reception, it will be time for it to see a general practitioner (GP), which means you’ll also need to build a GP’s office, as well as hire a GP for the job! A GP will help you by interacting with patients, working towards a diagnosis for its condition. A GP is in charge of deciding where a patient will go and who they will see next depending on the diagnosis – you know, in case things are more complicated than they seem.

Once a patient has a diagnosis, you better have a pharmacy and a nurse ready for them to get their prescription filled so that they can start to get healthier. Cure a patient, and you’ll be rewarded with some money, as well as with a boost to the hospital’s overall reputation! Not all illnesses can be treated easily, and some of your patients will show up with some weird conditions that will require some… creative solutions. I mean, when someone comes in dressed up as a clown and demands to be cured, what do you think said cure can be?

Some conditions will require the patient to get some extra tests, and this is where a general diagnosis room can be quite handy. You could also make good use of wards since they can help you find a diagnosis for patients, as well as treat a wider range of illnesses. Each patient admitted to the ward will require the aid of a nurse to be registered and treated, as well as to discharge them when they’re hopefully feeling better. The more beds you have, the more patients you can take care of at a ward!

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The equipment you purchase for your hospital will deteriorate over time as it’s used more and more, so you should definitely hire a janitor to be ready for any potential issues. A janitor will provide maintenance and repairs to any piece of equipment that falls below the 50% limit, which is handy since that way, you can avoid having faulty equipment in your hospital. Janitors will also take care of keeping the toilets clean and will unclog them if there’s an issue. Toilets are a must because patients and staff members are human after all, and they will certain bodily needs that must be taken care of… sometimes with great urgency!

On top of this, patients, for some reason, need to be happy while they’re at the hospital – and the same goes for your staff members! This means you should offer some type of entertainment within the facility, as well as food, drinks, and perhaps some spots where they can just sit down, relax, and unwind for a bit. If patients are not happy, then they will take their business elsewhere. And if your staff members are not happy, then they certainly won’t be doing a good job while on the clock!

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Speaking of your staff, even though you’re indeed running a hospital, the members of your team can’t be working 24/7! Staff members will need to take a break every now and then, and when that time comes, they will make their way towards the staff room. You should also add some stuff to the staff room to keep them happy so that after their break, they feel refreshed and energize to carry on with their workday. You can even pick up and drop any staff members into the staff room as needed… and even take staff members out of the room and into a work area so that they can help any patients.

If treatment fails, which will happen many times during your enjoyment of Two Point Hospital, said patient will end up dying. If a patient waits for too long and their health deteriorates, and they can’t get treatment, they can also die. As expected, when a patient dies, the hospital’s overall reputation will take a hit. Patients that die will turn into ghosts, and this means that they might sometimes decide to haunt the hospital! To get rid of ghosts, you’ll need a janitor with the Ghost Capture skill.

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To keep your hospital in the cutting edge, as well as to make it more comfortable and attractive to patients and staff members, you’re going to have to spend Kudosh. Kudosh is a premium currency in Two Point Hospital, and it will be awarded to you after completing challenges, as well as for attaining career goals. By spending your hard-earned Kudosh, you’ll be able to unlock new items to decorate your hospital, new deluxe drinks and snack machines, and more. Spend your Kudosh wisely, and you’ll be able to boost your hospital’s reputation!

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Two Point Hospital has a lot of things for you to do as you manage each hospital as it grows in size and increases its reputation. As long as you keep your staff happy, and promote some of them when they prove their worth, as well as keep a properly equipped facility with a variety of equipment, you’ll be on your way to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars… oh, and help to heal patients along the way. Do you have what it takes to get a three-star hospital?

This Two Point Hospital review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sega.

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