Vitamin Connection Out Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

WayForward is putting the final touches on Vitamin Connection, which will be releasing on February 20 on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Prepare for a huge dose of fun in a microscopic world — either solo or together with a partner!

Step into the roles of Vita-Boy & Mina-Girl, co-piloting the Capsule Ship to wipe out vile pathogens from within the body of a host. Using innovative controls, you’ll zap down foes with your Vitamin Beam, brandish the ship’s handy claw module, and twist and turn through colorful, maze-like environments to save the members of the Sable family — including the dog! — from an assortment of hazardous and increasingly wacky predicaments. Every stage also features variety-packed sub-games that will have you tilting, grabbing, and dancing your way to victory!

When playing together, coordination is key, as one player holds the Joy-Con controller vertically to move and shoot, and the other holds the Joy-Con horizontally to rotate and aim. Only by forming a connection and harnessing the vitamin power of Vita-Boy & Mina-Girl will you be able to stop the molecular menace!

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Vitamin Connection Features:

Battle bacteria with your Capsule Ship across six colorful worlds plus numerous bonus stories!

Play a variety of sub-games featuring precision twisting, rhythmic action, IR-based reflex tests, and other challenges!

Unique and innovative Joy-Con controls with HD Rumble!

Jam to an international music collaboration covering everything from J-pop to hip hop!

Play solo or team up with a friend in the asymmetric two-player mode!
Unlock “New Game Pro” mode to experience the story from a whole new perspective as the anti-hero…Pro-Biotic!

We’ll be working on a review for Vitamin Connection, so be sure to stick around at!

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