[PS4] Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition Review

by the_nmac

Sail the treacherous Barents Sea in search of a profit. Are you ready? Check out our Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition review!

Learn how to catch different kinds of fish with various fishing equipment on 14 different ships. Whether it’s line, crab, or net fishing: Every method is easy to learn, but hard to master – time to show what you are made of!

Use officially licensed Scanmar equipment like door sensors and the TrawlEye to have complete control over your trawl. Upgrade it to make sure you get the biggest catch! But be sure to stay under your yearly fishing quotas, every step and every fishing run needs to be planned. 20 years of weather data recreate a realistic environment for the schools of fish in the Barents Sea, which move according to season and water temperature. It’s up to you to keep track of everything.

Fishing: Barents Sea – Complete Edition (PS4/XB1 release trailer)

I’ve reviewed a few fishing games over the past year, so when I saw there was a chance to review Fishing: Barents Sea, I was a bit hesitant since I didn’t think that a new fishing game could do things differently on PlayStation 4. After I started playing Fishing: Barents Sea, I realized how I couldn’t have been more wrong. Almost all of the games I played were focused on a smaller scale experience, while Fishing: Barents Sea puts you in charge of a commercial fishing boat, which considerably changes the overall feel of the game.

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Fishing: Barents Sea starts with you inheriting your grandfather’s old fishing boat. After this, you decide to take it out into the Barents Sea (located off the coast of Norway and Russia). The original boat he leaves to you is slow, doesn’t have a huge capacity to store fish, but it is what it is, and gets the job done. You then set sail out onto the open sea. Fishing: Barents Sea, gets the balance right between tutorials and gameplay, by giving quick tutorials on each new gameplay mechanic, but then handing control to you to actually do things. It’s one of the better ways I’ve seen for this being handled in some of the recent games I’ve played.

The general gameplay loop has you controlling your boat in the Barents Sea, dropping your fishing lines in the water… and then you wait, and wait, and wait. Once you get a bite, you can pull the fish into the boat, gut them, and then take it back to a port to sell your haul. Once you are at the port, you can upgrade your ship with the funds you have, refuel (a fact the game misses to tell you about), and hire new crewmembers.

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Almost all of the gameplay mechanics on the boat are completed through mini-games, usually requiring you to hit different buttons at the right time. The better you at these mini-games, the better the results you will get. They aren’t hard to complete and do offer a different way of playing compared to other fishing games.

After some time using my grandfather’s boat, it reached a point where I couldn’t upgrade it anymore. I was making good money on the boat, so I was able to upgrade to a much better boat. From there, I was able to upgrade it until I was in need of a bigger boat. At this point, you are catching so many fish that you are generating cash at a very steady rate. If I had one major critique about the game, it would be it’s almost too easy as you can quickly start making money, allowing you to purchase all the upgrades you need, making your life much easier.

I played this one on my PlayStation 4 Pro and thought the game looked great. Since Fishing: Barents Sea has been on PC for a few years, and it’s newer to consoles, I thought it might look a bit dated, but I was honestly impressed with the crisp visuals and how great the water looked. I don’t know why but, for whatever reason, water can sometimes look terrible in some video games.

Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition PlayStation 4 Review - 1

Final Thoughts

I liked Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition quite a bit. It was a change of pace from the other fishing games I have played over the past couple of years, placing its focus on the different aspects of commercial fishing. I felt the gameplay loop was addictive, but it is almost too easy in some ways as you’ll soon find yourself rolling in cash if you plan things right, and something tells me that it is not something a traditional commercial fisherman would be able to do so easily.

This Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by astragon Entertainment GmbH.

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