[PlayStation VR] Kitten’d Review

by the_nmac

Looking after some cats sounds easy, right? Well, as it turns out, it’s anything but. Find out why in our Kitten’d review!

Kitten’d – Release Trailer

Take care of cute kittens – lots and lots of cute kittens!

Get points for keeping them happy and lose points for everything they destroy.

Use points to upgrade your tools. Get an automatic food dispenser or clean up poop faster with the PoopScoop 3000!

What awaits inside the next box?!

– Take care of an overwhelming amount of kittens!
– 7 super cute kitten breeds with unique characteristics.
– Rewarding fast-paced family friendly gameplay.
– Easy to master two-button controls.
– See the kittens eat, play and destroy your home in stunning VR.
– Or just hang out with a lot of kittens in the sandbox mode.

Kitten’d is the 3rd and probably best cat game that has come out on PlayStation VR. While the others had you in the role of the cat, in Kittten’d your, job is to take care of them. I’m going to be honest for a moment… I hate cats – they’ll eat you after you die! I’m definitely a dog guy, so hopefully we get a Pupp’d on PlayStation VR. Having said that, I’m here to give Kitten’d a fair chance.

I always like to talk about controller options upfront, since that’s something you need to be aware of when taking on a PlayStation VR game. With Kittten’d, you need to have two PS Move controllers, as there is no DualShock 4 or Aim support. When you launch the game, you have a Story Mode or the My Room option to choose from. Do start with Story mode as it will introduce you to the gameplay mechanics of the game and unlock things to be used in My Room mode. We’ll talk about that one in a bit.

Kitten'd PS VR Review

The game’s story is told through text message with what I assume is my partner sending me texts and communicating with me about our new kittens. The goal of the game is to take care of them, so that means a few constants for every level: you need to get food in the bowls and litter in the litter box, constantly refilling them. You need to clean up their poop, get it into the garbage, and throwing it out by hand or by using your fancy poop sucking machine.

Kitten’d is a management simulator as you take care of all these kittens. They mostly cause trouble and chaos, so you are always juggling multiple jobs in taking care of them and ensuring their needs are met. They will cause problems, like taking a dump outside the litter box – even though it has litter – because they are jerks. They will break things like dishware. Why? Because they are jerks. Have I mentioned I don’t like cats?

As you progress through the story, Kitten’d will add more wrinkles that I’m sure you didn’t see coming, including lasers and other cool surprises I don’t want to spoil, as I was generally shocked when I got to experience how each one was introduced. You also get coins when beating the levels, which allow you to purchase upgrades in the game for your equipment, making them work better.

Kitten'd PlayStation VR Review

There are a plethora of different cats, and you need to take care of them, with each one having their own distinct look and behaviors. Kitten’d started off slowly introducing them to you before they start mixing them up, and you need to figure out what to do with them. You can dress them up in cool things if you find them around the levels, with hats and sunglasses, which was neat.

Once you are done with the story, you can play in the My Room option and create your own custom hideaway for your cats with all of the things you found and used in Story Mode. You can completely make it your own as well, as it’s a virtual getaway to see all your cats in your personal heaven. You know, if you like cats.

Kitten’d has a very clean aesthetic focusing on realism, and the rooms looked right out of an Ikea showroom. It was a very clean look for the game. I appreciated the realism, and it actually made me like the cats… a bit. The music was very relaxing, often creating a serene environment, but I won’t be thinking about it again down the line. It’s there, but it fits the look and feel of Kitten’d.

Kitten'd PlayStation VR Review

Final Thoughts

Kitten’d is a neat experiment for PlayStation VR, giving you a bunch of cats to take care of, so you’ll need to manage things to make sure everything is running smoothly. The story goes in some unexpected directions, which I liked a lot, bringing unexpected levels of enjoyment. My room is a fun mode once you unlock everything in the game. And, for the record, I still (mostly) hate cats.

This Kitten’d review is based on a PlayStation VR copy provided by Star Vault AB.

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