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by EdEN, Owner

Narrative-driven experimental adventure game Stories Untold is something you have to play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Stories Untold review!

Devolver Digital is no stranger to releasing quirky and weird bite-sized games, and this time around, it’s bringing us Stories Untold from indie No Code. Stories Untold is an adventure game with a handful of episodes to complete, and things will only get weirder and weirder as you progress through each short episode. You’re looking at a handful of hours to see everything that Stories Untold has to offer, which is a good length for a game like this that is definitely all killer and no filler.

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You’ll be exploring each story by pressing the ZL button to lean in and see things by moving the camera around with the left analog so that you can analyze what is going on. You can bring up your commands by pressing the L button, which will include the old-school set of commands Look, Use, Read, Go, Open, and Get. Clicking on any of the commands will then allow you to interact with your surroundings so that you can try to solve the different puzzles you will be presented with.

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Without spoiling things, I want to talk a bit about the introduction sequence you get to play through right after you boot up Stories Untold. You’ll be presented with an old-school console with a cassette loader, connected to a TV, and you’ll be playing a text-based adventure on the TV. By looking around, you will learn that you’re inside a car. Inspecting the glovebox will let you know it’s closed, but unlocked, which means you should definitely open it. Inside, you find a key and a note from your father. With nothing else to do inside of the car, you select to go outside, only to find yourself in front of a house. Look around, and you will see that there’s also a yard. Will you explore the house, or will you go onto the yard?

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Once you solve a couple of extra puzzles, your adventure proper will commence. You will get a bit of déjà vu since you’ll have to repeat some of your previous actions, but as you progress further into the first chapter, you will start to realize that something is very wrong and that things are not what they seem. The first episode alone is unlike anything you’ve played before on the Nintendo Switch, and the other episodes will introduce new story elements and new stuff to keep you engaged until the end. There will be new gameplay mechanics to use as well, but I won’t be spoiling those in here!

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Stories Untold is unlike anything else on Nintendo Switch, and a steal at only $9.99 for a short experience that you’re going to remember after you see everything each episode has to offer in around 3-4 hours or so. It’s going to present you with four short stories of the horror variety that are a great fit for the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to play them at home on the big TV screen or on the go.

Stories Untold Nintendo SwitchReview - 5

This Stories Untold review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Devolver Digital.

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