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SELF from Indienova and Dobell is an interesting short text-based adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our SELF review!


In SELF from Indienova and Dobell, you play as John, a young kid who is very worried because his father has gone missing. On top of this, it seems that he is the only one aware of this situation! He event mentions to his mother that his father is missing, but gets no response. Because of this, he sets out on a journey to find his father, solving many puzzles and overcoming challenges along the way, as you help John piece everything together to try and find what is really going on… even if, at first, John’s memories are not what they seem.

SELF Review - 1

Due to the game’s nature, there are different endings you can reach based on your decisions, which increases the replayability for this niche budget indie release. Your first choice will be made 5 seconds into the game, and you will use the D-Pad or the left or right analog stick to select from the available options, to then press the A button to lock-in your choice. In fact, and without spoiling things too much, you can get your first ending within a minute if you make the right decisions.

SELF Review - Endings

I’ll talk a bit about this branch, and only this branch, as to not spoil the rest of your experience. The first choice you’ll have to make is to get up from bed. While you can decide to get up right away, you could also decide to stay in bed for a bit since it is, after all, a Sunday. If you continue to decide to stay in bed, even though the game offers you a different choice multiple times, you will get the first ending in the game, labeled as Ending 0, which, as it turns out, the game refers to as the happiest of all endings.

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And it is after getting this ending and restarting the game that you will see how you can start to do some “clean up” as you aim to get all of the endings the game has to offer. You’ll be given the option of having a fresh start from scratch or to start from a memory. Memories mark different spots in the story and can help you find the rest of the endings in SELF without having to play all over again from the start. Worry not if you’re the type of player who wants to replay adventure games from the start to make new choices as you go because this is also still very much an option.

SELF Switch Review - 5

The game will have a lot of text, but it won’t be all text. Some visuals will be presented every now and then to move the story along, with black, white, green, and red being the only colors used. On top of this, sometimes, when you make a choice, you’ll be taken into a more colorful mini-game. It is here that you face or avoid your problems. If you want to face them, you will need to touch the green objects to keep the white rectangle around you from closing up. Touch too many red ones, and it will get too close for comfort. The objects you will need to take on – in what seems a bit like a bullet hell dodge ‘em up – will be related to the situation you were facing right before starting the mini-game.

SELF is an interesting text-based adventure game with retro graphics that help to tell a compelling story with different outcomes. The game is out now on Nintendo Switch for only $6.99, but you do need to be aware of it not being for everyone since it is a game rated M for Mature.

This SELF review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Indienova.

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