[PlayStation 4] JigSaw Solace Review

by EdEN, Owner

JigSaw Solace from Playstige Interactive is a fun budget puzzle game on PlayStation 4. Come check out our JigSaw Solace review!

In JigSaw Solace, as the name suggests, you’ll be taking on some fun jigsaw puzzle solving. You’ll be using the left analog stick or the D-Pad to select from the different jigsaw puzzle pieces, holding down the X button to drag that piece to its spot, so that you can move one step closer to solving the puzzles. It’s a set up that works, making it very easy to solve each of the puzzles.

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You can select from four difficulty settings, making the puzzles 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 8×8 – that is solving puzzles with 16, 25, 36, and 64 pieces. You can change the color of the background you’re playing on and then select from the different themes for the puzzles: animals, art, nature, portrait, mystery, and space. After that, you can change between the different available images under each of the themes. As you take on each of the puzzles, you can have the game show you the image you’re trying to complete, so that you can see how you’re doing.

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JigSaw Solace has eight trophies in total, which means that there’s no Platinum trophy for this one. The trophies are split into three Bronze, three Silver, and two Gold trophies. To 100% this one, you’ll have to complete each of the available puzzles, which shouldn’t take you long if you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles.

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JigSaw Solace is a good option on PlayStation 4 for jigsaw puzzle aficionados. The game has six different themes, as well as four size difficulty settings – which you can change as you play – for the 30 puzzles it has to offer. JigSaw Solace is out now on PlayStation 4 for $3.99.

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This JigSaw Solace review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Playstige Interactive.

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