Our HUGE Holiday Giveaway Has Been Upgraded

by EdEN, Owner

OUR Huge Holiday Giveaway for the year has been doing great, and we wanted to take a moment to tank all of you for making 2019 the best year yet for PS3Blog.net and PS4Blog.net! We also wanted to let you know that as a thank you, the Holiday Giveaway has now been boosted to include more games, as well as to give you even more games if you win!

The winners of the first and second place will be able to select one retail game from the list of games above the hashtag (###) break, as well as one game from the list below the hashtag (###) break.

On top of this, all winners from 3rd to 10th place will be able to get one extra game! That means that the 3rd place winner will now get four (4) free games, the 4th and 5th place winners will each get three (3) free games, and those that win from 6th to 10th place will each get two (2) free games!

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