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House of Golf is a colorful and fun arcade-style mini-golf experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this indie gem in our House of Golf review!

In House of Golf from indie studio Atomicom, you will take on over 100 levels as you try to do something that is easy to explain: get the golf ball from Point A to Point B in as few shots as possible so that you can carry on and repeat this over the dozens of stages the game has to offer. You’ll be trying to beat 135 levels split over five different environments, in a colorful and charming experience you can easily play at home or on the go.

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Due to the minimalist nature of this arcade-style mini-golf release, for House of Golf, you won’t have to worry about complicated controls. You’ll aim your shot with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, using the ghost guide that shows you where the ball will be heading to try and line your shots so that you can get to the green in as few shots as possible. You can shoot the ball with the A button, and the longer you hold down the button, the harder you’ll end up hitting it, which will affect how far it travels. You can get a gold, silver, or bronze star based on your performance, if you get the ball into the hole under par, on par, or one hit after par, respectively.

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You start the game with a regular white golf ball featuring the House of Golf logo on it, but you can unlock many additional balls to customize your experience. There are a ton of objectives to complete for this, with things such as playing a single hole, as well as twelve, thirty, fifty, seventy-five, a hundred, hundred and fifty, two hundred, two hundred and fifty, and three hundred holes, for completing each of the environments in each of the three available difficulty settings, as well as for getting all bronze, silver, and gold stars in the game.

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Speaking of the difficulty setting, what this does is actually change the layout of a level, so it’s more of a remixed and revamped level than the same level with some extra hazards here and there. Each of the three difficulty settings – Easy, Medium, and Hard – has nine levels for you to complete, for a total of 27 levels for each environment. Add up all of these for the five available environments, and you get the 135 levels you have to beat to 100% the game – that is, if you manage to beat all stages under par!

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House of Golf is a fun mini-golf experience on the Nintendo Switch. Each of the five available environments is colorful and plays to the theme of “you’re going to be playing mini-golf around the house.” Sending the golf ball down a ramp around the kitchen, into a roll of paper towels, as you try to avoid a bowl of cereal and a coffee mug that could end up blocking your shot, it all makes for a fun experience. House of Golf is available for only $9.99 on Nintendo Switch, and I’m sure you’ll have fun with this arcade-style release.

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This House of Golf review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Atomicom.

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