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Quirky, gloomy, charming, and fun point and click adventure game Tangle Tower from SFB Games is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn why this is a must-play in our Tangle Tower review!

In Tangle Tower from SFB Games, the indie studio that developed the excellent Snipperclips (a game that my daughter and I love to play), you will take control of Detective Grimoire and Sally, who set out to investigate the murder of Freya Fellow. While there is actually a lead suspect for this case, it turns out things are not… as simple as they seems. A shadowy figure wielding a knife is seen at the crime scene, but it turns out it’s actually a painting! The figure is holding a knife – the potential murder weapon – with what at first seemed to be red paint… but which turned out to actually be the victim’s blood.

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This game will take place in the titular Tangle Tower, a pair of towers that are connected at their base by a large mansion. It stands in the middle of a circular lake, with water that presents a rather unusual set of colors. On top of this, the lake is enclosed by pale cliffs that are too smooth and steep to be climbed. There are two families living at Tangle Tower, the Pointer family and the Fellow family, and you will be interacting with their members to solve this particular mystery.

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You will get to meet said diverse and colorful cast of characters, from the almost bird-like Penny and the huge and bulking Fitz to the tiny and quirky Fifi or the rooftop wearing Pointer, to name some examples. Each one is fully voice acted and animated, which certainly helps to bring every character to life. You will learn some valuable information for each of the characters you meet, so you should make sure to check the case file so that you can move one step closer to knowing what has really happened.

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For this point and click adventure, you can control things with the left analog stick to move an on-screen cursor, pressing the A or the R buttons to interact with things. You can also use the right Joy-Con’s motion controls to move the on-screen cursor, once again pressing the A or the R buttons to interact. The final option is using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if using a Nintendo Switch Lite, to poke with your finger to interact with everything, literally pointing with your finger as you click on stuff.

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Each area you visit in the game has been carefully hand-crafted, and it’s basically a digital painting come to life. I really dig the art style for characters, and the painted locations you will visit help to enhance the overall experience. You will have different pieces of information, items, and evidence to present during different moments in the game, selecting the stuff that is relevant. There are also puzzles to solve, with the game introducing new elements as you go. It never feels like an overwhelming adventure experience, but the difficulty does go up at a steady pace the further you go into the game.

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Tangle Tower was a lot of fun to play on Nintendo Switch. I split my time with the game in Portable and Docked mode, and I’m here to report that the game looks, feels, and plays great in both modes. Tangle tower is available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99, offering a very fun experience that will last you around 6-7 hours or so.

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This Tangle Tower review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by SFB Games.

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