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Sweet Witches from Drageus Games is a fun and colorful 2D action puzzle game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Sweet Witches review!

In Sweet Witches from Drageus Games and Lumen Section, you will play as Praline and Vanille, two witches who want nothing more than to have some candy. They run into an issue since they’re asked to plant a ton of flowers in each of the 2D areas they’ll visit, or else they won’t get any candy. You can do this on your own, or by playing in local co-op with a friend, to cover all the mandatory spots with flowers to be able to complete that screen so that you can move onto the next one.

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You’ll be able to select between two difficulty options, with one being the regular experience in which you can continue once your lives have run out, while in the other, you need to complete the game with the set of lives you get at the start. There’s also a third option that allows you to customize your experience by changing some of the parameters for your run with Sweet Witches so that players of all skill levels can have a shot at completing all 50+ levels the game has to offer.

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Controls are easy to pick. You can move your witch with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. Since there’s no jumping in this one, your witch will be able to materialize a ladder by pressing the A button and moving the left analog stick or the D-Pad up or down, depending on in which direction you want to add the ladder. You have an attack you can use with the B button, to either destroy small enemies or to make larger enemies dizzy – this is an important ability since touching any enemy will make you lose a life. You can also enter portals with the A button, which will transport your witch to the portal of the corresponding color. As you plant flowers, a meter will start to fill up, and once it’s full, you can press the X button to unleash a special attack that will make you invincible.

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Along with all this, there will be some floating surprise boxes that will either be a mimic enemy in disguise – which luckily won’t hurt you – or a proper surprise box with an item inside. Once you have an item, you won’t be able to collect another one and will need to use it with the Y button before you can collect a new one. These items will prove to be very useful to defeat the enemies you’ll run into, and include things such as a red boxing glove you can shoot out in front of you, a nasty bear trap you can drop on the floor, or a balloon that will grow in size before exploding and destroying any enemies within its range.

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You will take on over 50 levels split into five different worlds, completing single-screen after single-screen by planting all flowers over all the special blocks for them. Walking over one of these spots will make your witch instantly plant a flower on it, but you need to be careful since enemies will always be coming for you… even using the magical ladders, you materialize into play! There are enemies that walk around slowly, enemies that will run at full speed as they try to grab you, enemies that can fly, others than can attack from a long-range, and even some that can actually eat the flowers, ruining all the progress you had made.

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Along with the main Story mode, there is also a Versus mode in which you can compete against up to three more players for some local four-player mayhem. You will be able to take on other players in five different arenas, as you compete in two different modes: Death Match and Time Limit. For Death Match, the last player standing will win, while for Time Limit, the player with the most players on the screen when time runs out will be the winner. Since Praline and Vanille are the two good witches, they will be joined by Anis and Reglisse, the two antagonists for Sweet Witches, so that each player can select a different witch.

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Sweet Witches is a fun and charming 2D action puzzle game with a colorful and charming presentation with a great art style and fun and simple gameplay mechanics. This budget $9.99 release offers dozens of stages to play, a single-player or co-op Story mode, a Versus mode, and an extras section in which you can check out sketches and designs for the main characters and the enemies in the game, as well as some fan art, so be sure to check this one out on Nintendo Switch!

This Sweet Witches review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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