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by EdEN, Owner

Nonograms Prophecy from No Gravity Games is a budget logic-based puzzler that is a lot of fun to play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Nonograms Prophecy review!

Nonograms Prophecy Review - Modes

Nonograms Prophecy offers more than 380 puzzles split into three different gameplay modes so that players of all skill levels can have some fun. The first available option is Normal Mode, in which you’ll get to play and solve 138 puzzles shown with only one color. The next one, which will be locked until you’ve managed to complete at least 20 puzzles from Normal Mode, will be Color Mode, in which blocks will need to be filled up with specific colors. The last option is Big Picture Mode, in which several smaller nonogram puzzles must be completed in order to reveal the bigger picture.

Nonograms Prophecy Review - 1

If you’re new to nonogram puzzles, you can start by playing the game’s tutorial. Here, you will learn that for every puzzle, there will be different numbers for each line and column that coincide with the number of blocks that need to be filled in for said line or column. It’s up to players to find the intersecting areas and start to fill up the blocks that will form the image that is the puzzle’s solution. For Color Mode and Big Picture Mode, the numbers will also be of a specific color, letting you know that’s the number of blocks that need to be filled up for said line or column for that particular color.

Nonograms Prophecy Review - 3

You can move around each of the lines and columns with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. Press the A button to fill a block. With the B button, you can mark a block with an X so that you know that one should not be filled. If you realize that a block you’ve filled or marked is incorrect, you can clear it with the X button. If you’ve really messed up and have to start over, clear the entire puzzle board with the ZL and ZR buttons. There’s also the option of instantly filling up a line or column or marking an entire line or column by pressing the L and R buttons, which saves you a lot of time. For color puzzles, you’ll change between the available colors with the L and R buttons. The game can also be controlled with the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode – or if you’re rocking a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nonograms Prophecy Review - Color

For Normal Mode puzzles, there’s one more rule to remember. The numbers for each line or column dictate how many blocks are to be filled up in each group, but in order for you to solve puzzles, you will need to remember that there must be at least one empty block between. For Color Mode, the aforementioned rule only applies to blocks of the same color, which are listed consequently in a line or column. If they’re not, and there’s a different color between them, then said color counts as the “empty space” between them – this also applies to Big Picture mode.

Nonograms Prophecy Review - Big Picture Mode

If you’re a fan of nonograms puzzles, then you can probably complete all of the 5×5 puzzles from Normal Mode in a handful of minutes. The game does throw a bit of a curveball since it has 5×5, 8×8, 10×10, 15×15, and 20×20 puzzles, and I have to say that the 8×8 size is not a common puzzle size for nonogram-style puzzlers – and I’ve played a ton of them on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4! It does take a minute to remember that the 8×8 puzzles have, you know, a playing area that is eight blocks by eight blocks, but you will quickly get the hang of things after a handful of puzzles.

Nonograms Prophecy Review - Color 2

Nonograms Prophecy is a fun budget puzzle game that is a must-have on Nintendo Switch. It offers hundreds of puzzles to solve, split into three game modes, and it costs only $3.99. That’s a lot of bang for your buck, and you can play this one at home or on the go for many, many hours. What are you waiting for? Go buy Nonograms Prophecy!

This Nonograms Prophecy review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by No Gravity Games.

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