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Island Maze from Drageus Games is a relaxing isometric 3D puzzler on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our Island Maze review!

In Island Maze from Drageus Games, you will take on puzzles set on 28 islands, with a nice difficulty curve that will slowly but surely take you onward to solving harder and harder puzzles. For each puzzle you take on, you will be graded based on how many moves it takes you to do everything you need to do to be able to make it to the exit. If you finish a level within the moves limit, then you’ll get three crystals for your trouble. Use more moves and go over the limit, and you will start to lose crystals. Crystals are important since you’ll need to obtain a minimum of crystals to be able to open each subsequent set of levels – with each set including four levels – so that you can carry on with your puzzle-solving extravaganza.

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You’ll move your square with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, swinging the camera around with the right analog stick as needed. As you move your square on each puzzle, you’ll try to collect all the items needed for you to open up the portal that will take you to the next puzzle. If at any point you realize you have made a mistake, and you don’t want to restart the puzzle, you can press the Y button to undo your last move, and only your last move. Because of this, it’s definitely not going to be as useful as you’d imagine.

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The first handful of puzzles will act as a tutorial of sorts since they will allow you to get the hang of things. You’ll understand how the cube moves, what it can and can’t do. Did you manage to collect a colored gem in a puzzle? Then you’ll need to make sure that the side of the cube where the gem ends up is the one that connects with the pad of the same color, or else your cube is going to break. You can also turn the sides of your cube metallic, which will allow you to make the cube stick to magnets so that you can complete the puzzle.

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Island Maze is a relaxing and entertaining 3D puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that is a good option for puzzle fans thanks to its soothing music, fun 28 puzzles to solve, and low $2.99 asking price. You’re going to spend a handful of hours playing this one as you try to figure out the best solution since some puzzles are only going to have the one route that can help you obtain the three crystals within the moves limit. Are you up for the challenge?

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This Island Maze review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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