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by EdEN, Owner

Clumsy Rush from RedDeerGames is a colorful and charming party game with some family-friendly fun on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Clumsy Rush review!

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In Clumsy Rush, up to two players will participate in some colorful and fun “race to the finish line” races over the 47 levels that will be presented at random. Each player will get to play as one of 27 random hippo characters, from Santa Claus, Ice, and Red, to Mike, Bob, and beyond. On top of this, there will be one of 25 random modifiers that will be applied to each run, from one of the players getting a shield to protect it from any potential bumps to things such as having the hippos walk in a 180-degree angle, having them walking backwards, and more.

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You will move your character’s right leg with the ZR button, and its left leg with the ZL button. You can push other players with the A button, as long as you can lineup your hippo so that the bash can hit it. As soon as a stage starts, you should try to grab the crown and make a mad dash towards the finish line. This is easier said than done since the control scheme will make it hard for you to walk in a straight line. There will be obstacles on your way, with conveyor belts that will send you in a particular direction, spinning platforms that will make you dizzy, large hands, and more. Oh, and be careful not to press the A button when you’re the one wearing the crown, or else you’ll end up throwing it on the ground.

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Clumsy Rush is a family-friendly and fun arcade-style party game on Nintendo Switch for a budget $4.99. My kids loved playing level after level as they tried to take the crown to the finish line. Young players will have a lot of fun with this one, but that doesn’t mean that those young at heart won’t also enjoy the mayhem. The game is out next week on December 23.

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This Clumsy Rush review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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