8-Ball Pocket Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

SuperPowerUpGames is getting ready for next week’s release of 8-Ball Pocket on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

8-Ball Pocket Review - 5

8-Ball Pocket brings you eight-ball pool, also known as American billiards. You can compete with up to 4 friends or against the AI in Versus mode, or challenge the best in the world in Arcade mode, where you can make combo shots and rack up points to become Number 1 in the online ranking. All of this comes in a setting with great graphics and Jazz music.

We’re working on an 8-Ball Pocket review, so be sure to stick around at PS4Blog.net!

8-Ball Pocket Review - 1

8-Ball Pocket Review - 2

8-Ball Pocket Review - 3

8-Ball Pocket Review - 4

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