[Beyond PlayStation] OMG Zombies! Review

by Tracey

OMG Zombies! has made the jump to Nintendo’s hybrid console with all the content and all the fun. Learn more about it in our OMG Zombies! Review!

As you boot up, you will be treated to a comic book style cutscene that sets up the game’s story. In a nutshell, scientists created a virus with the ability to reanimate dead animals in the lab. They thought that it wouldn’t affect humans… that is until a child was infected. He woke up and bit his brother, and this is how the new dawn of the zombie plague began. After this, you know what happened next: zombies everywhere that bite other people, thus infecting them, and then cities are packed with zombies, and humans are at an even greater disadvantage.

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The game features 100 branching levels full of zombie mayhem. What this means is that you will unlock levels by playing those immediately before them – think of it as a pyramid of sorts. Levels are split among 40 different environments, which include areas such as schools and other unique buildings. You won’t be complaining about a lack of variety! There are eight different types of zombies you need to kill. Some of them are easy to take down since they’re just regular zombies that walk aimlessly all over the place, while others will require you to plan and take your time before you shoot at them.

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Each of the zombies will also die in a different way, helping to create a chain reaction that will hopefully allow you to kill as many as possible in one go. Because of this, OMG Zombies! feels more like a puzzle game than an action game, since you’ll need to plan which zombie to shoot and when in order to maximize your ammo. The early levels are perfect for practicing since their requirements are not hard to reach. Later on, you will need to pay attention to where each zombie is located, its type, and what other zombies around it will do once the first one dies.

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Regular zombies are the weakest of the bunch and the easiest ones to use since once you shoot them, they will end up going down in a tiny explosion that will kill anything else in close proximity. The Zappers will send an electrical current in random directions, and this blast will end up killing anything it hits, which will, in turn, make those zombies also explode based on their zombie type, thus keeping the chain going on for a bit longer. But my favorite of the bunch is the Mortars, which will blast their brains out onto random spots of the area, killing anything unfortunate enough to be standing below it.

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If you’re the type of player who likes to 100% a game, you’re going to find yourself replaying several of the stages as you try to find the best course of action. Luck will also play its part for all of this since, during one try, a zombie might walk out of the range of another zombie’s explosion, killing your chain in the process. Add to this how, when defeated, the attacks of some zombies will go out in a random pattern – see the Zappers – and no matter how good your plans are, you might end up having to replay it.

OMG Zombies! Review - 5

OMG Zombies! is a fun arcade-style release with a ton of content and a very low price. For only $4.99, you will get a game with 100 levels to complete, and a challenge that will increase the further you progress into the game. The different zombie types will increase the difficulty, but they will also boost the fun factor as you try to find the best option for doing the most damage, killing as many zombies as possible in each stage – maybe killing all of them in one go!

OMG Zombies! Review - 6

This OMG Zombies! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ghostlight.

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