[PlayStation 4] Cat Quest II Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Cat Quest II from The Gentlebros and PQube Limited is the sequel to the PC and console surprise hit in which you are following a cat on his adventure. Learn more about this great game in our Cat Quest II review!

Following the success of the acclaimed CAT QUEST, developers The Gentlebros return to the world of Felingard to expand on the original with more explosive spells, expanded weapon options, an exciting new character switch mechanic, and local co-op!

Cat Quest II is an action RPG in which your goal is to save the world of Felingard once again. This time around, the action takes place in a war between two nations on the world: the cats and the dogs. Because of this, this time around, you will follow two characters instead of only one: a cat and a dog. At first, the citizens of Felingard are scared of the dogs because of the internal conflict between the nations. Still, everyone eventually realizes that the dog is very gentle and helpful. Before going any further, take note that even though this is a sequel, you won’t miss much if you decide to skip the first title and jump straight into this sequel.

Cat Quest II Review

If you played the first Cat Quest, then you know what to expect from this sequel. Your adventure starts on the same continent as Cat Quest, the enemies are the same, the hack and slash gameplay is the same, part of the plot is reused, and even most of the soundtrack from the previous game is here. Cat Quest II does expand the overall experience, but your first impression will be to think that this sequel feels a bit more like DLC for the first game than a new full release. Luckily that impression faded away a few hours in when I realized the world had been greatly expanded, and a huge second continent now exists for us to explore.

Cat Quest II Review

As for the gameplay, you will usually go into a dungeon, slash away every monster in the area, open the various chests that hidden in it, to then progress to the next objective. There are some side-quests that are visible from the map, which allows you to plan your adventure as you go. Completing the main objectives and side-quests will award you with experience points, which will eventually boost your level up to 99, which is not as hard as it sounds. The main campaign is balanced, so side-quests won’t need to be completed to proceed – but it sure wouldn’t hurt if you completed some as you go!

Cat Quest II Review

Since this time around, we’re following two characters instead of one, if you’re playing solo, you can switch from one o the other with the press of a button. One of the most advertised features of Cat Quest II is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, and I’m here to report that it’s a solid multiplayer experience with some great quality of life improvements.

I played most of the campaign with one of my daughters, and since she was having a bit of trouble playing this console release, I gave her some long-range weapons so that she could deal damage from a safe distance. One of the good things about the multiplayer is that it’s of the drop-in and drop-out variety, so if the other player has to leave, the game will instantly switch to solo mode so that you can carry on. Another good thing is that the game features separate save games, so you’ll have one for solo play and one for multiplayer.

Cat Quest II Review

As for the game’s presentation, I certainly love the charming visual art style used to present the world of Cat Quest II and of the characters and enemies within, even if several of the characters have been reused from the previous game in the series. As for the game’s trophies, several of them are awarded for progressing through the campaign, for completing all side-quests, leveling up your character, and more.

Final Thoughts
Cat Quest II is a great game, and a superb addition to the Cat Quest franchise. The game at first felt like an extension of the first game since several of its assets are reused for the sequel, but thanks to the new gameplay features, and the new continent to explore, the game earned the “II” in its title. Add the multiplayer mode, which was a blast to play with my daughter, and it’s drop-in and drop-out nature, and this is one game I definitely recommend you play on PlayStation 4.

Price: $14.99
PSN Game Size: 675MB

This Cat Quest II review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by PQube ltd.

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