Lost Ember Out On November 22

by EdEN, Owner

Mooneye Studios is getting ready for the November 21 release of Lost Ember on PlayStation 4. Come check out the game’s trailer and some new info and screens!

Experience two contrasting stories as a wolf and over a dozen other animals as you have the special ability to shapeshift into any animal you meet in the lush, post-apocalyptic world of Lost Ember. Together with your companion you go on a journey to find out what happened to mankind a long time ago before nature reclaimed the world.

What happened to the Yanrana and what role did you and your companion play in the downfall of civilization? Roam Lost Ember’s beautiful world on a quest to reclaim your memories of a past life to make sense of this one.

Lost Ember Review - 1

“Creating Lost Ember has been an incredible journey for us,” said Mooneye Studios CEO and programmer Tobias Graff. “We wanted to show the world something that would capture the imagination of players of all ages and nationalities, without relying on violence, microtransactions, or competitive play. Something pure, simple, and wondrous. After more than five long years, Lost Ember is the culmination of that dream.”

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