[Beyond PlayStation] Puzzle Book Review

by EdEN, Owner

Puzzle Book from QubicGames is a fun jigsaw puzzle game on Nintendo Switch for players of all ages. Learn more about it in our Puzzle Book review!

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In Puzzle Book on Nintendo Switch, players of all ages will get to solve 34 puzzles that are split into different themes. You have Fantasy Chapter I, Fantasy Chapter I, Mystic Beasts Chapter, Animals Chapter, Space Chapter, and Dinosaur Chapter. These groups of puzzles include images such as a colorful tiger, an island setting, a majestic waterfall, a quiet village, a rather large dragon, wolves rushing through waves, a butterfly, a snake, an orbiting satellite, an astronaut on a spacewalk, a UFO, a T-Rex, and more. It’s a nice variety of images to solve, so you’re definitely going to find something here to enjoy.

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Each of the puzzles has up to six difficulty settings, starting with six puzzle pieces all the way up to 60 puzzle pieces for each puzzle to solve – six, fifteen, twenty-eight, forty, fifty-six, and sixty pieces, to be precise. This allows players of all ages and skill levels to be able to take on all puzzles. Because of this, I enlisted the help of my kids to take on the game’s puzzles, starting with the six pieces difficulty setting, increasing the difficulty as they completed each of the puzzles. They had an easy time completing the six pieces puzzles and continued to have fun when the difficulty was ramped up at a steady pace.

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As for the game’s controls, you can use the Joy-Con when playing in Docked, Portable or Tabletop mode, using the left analog stick to select a puzzle piece, moving it around the puzzle area until you find the spot where you need to place it, doing so with the A button. If you’re wrong with your guess, the game will let you know by making the puzzle piece flash red, as well as by playing a chime that has a very “that’s not right” vibe to it. If you’re playing in a local co-op, then each player can control the game with one of the analog sticks. When playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, or if you’re using a Nintendo Switch Lite, you can use the touchscreen to solve each of the puzzles.

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Puzzle Book is available on Nintendo Switch for a low $3.99, offering 34 puzzles to solve, available in different sizes from 6 to 60 puzzle pieces to use for each one. I love solving jigsaw puzzles, and I had fun solving all 34 puzzles that Puzzle Book had to offer in its 60 pieces option. I was also happy about the game offering different difficulty settings so that players of all ages – my young kids included – could have fun with this game. Thirty-four puzzles for one cent shy of $4 is great value on Nintendo Switch.

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This Puzzle Book review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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