[PlayStation 4] One Night Stand Review

by Ceidz, Owner

One Night Stand is a visual novel point and click game from Kinmoku and Ratalaika Games with lots of different endings. Learn more about this great game in our One Night Stand review!

After a night of fun, passion, and one too many drinks, you wake up the next morning to find a complete stranger lying naked beside you in bed. What do you do?

In ‘One Night Stand’, explore the unknown bedroom and seek out clues to identify who the stranger is and what happened to bring you both together.

Will you stay and explore your relationship with this stranger, or will you escape when the opportunity presents itself? With 12 unique endings to discover, can you keep up the act long enough to find out what really happened?

In One Night Stand, as the game begins, you wake up confused about the whereabouts of your current location. It seems you have no recollection of what happened the previous evening, but there you are in someone else’s bed. As a girl wakes up, your actions from that moment on will dictate which of the 12 different endings for the game you’re going to reach.

One Night Stand PS4 Review

As the game progresses, the girl asks some questions that must be answered, and those answers are the ones that will affect the outcome of the relationship. You can either be gentle and sympathetic, or give her some rather harsh replies, and the outcome of the story will be different. I liked how once the first run has been completed (which took me around 15-20 minutes or so), a fast forward button is enabled, which allows you to run through the sequences that have already been seen. This considerably speeds up the overall game experience, and subsequent runs will take you around 5-10 minutes, depending on the story path you are taking.

As for the presentation, I loved the hand-drawn graphics, which gave One Night Stand a pretty unique look and feel. One Night Stand also features a soundtrack tailored for the experience, and it was also pleasant to hear as I took on each of the different story paths.

One Night Stand PS4 Review

The trophies are awarded for the actions you take. Some will unlock automatically as you present specific answers or perform some actions it the game, and each one of the 12 endings leads to unlocking a new trophy. All in all, I managed to get the Platinum trophy for One Night Stand in roughly 2 hours, but your mileage may vary. Trophy hunters will, of course, want to check out a trophy guide to speed things up so that they can add a new Platinum trophy to their ever-growing collection.

One Night Stand is an interesting experience that caught my attention, and that kept me coming back to replay the main story as I took on the different branching paths. Once I was done and had unlocked the Platinum trophy, I ended up caring about the two characters, and their unconventional encounter.

One Night Stand PS4 Review

Final Thoughts
Kinmoku and Ratalaika Games bought us a visual novel that was fun to play, and that is easy to recommend to anyone looking for this kind of experience, or players looking for a Platinum Trophy that can be achieved quickly. I’m glad Ratalaika Games are porting new types of experiences from the PC gaming industry to consoles, and I’m also impressed by how greater in quality the games ported are becoming.

If you’re looking for the most efficient run through this game, I definitively recommend checking this One Night Stand trophy guide.

One Night Stand PS4 Review

Price: $4.99
PSN Game Size: 520B

This One Night Stand review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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