[PlayStation 4] Dreaming Canvas Review

by EdEN, Owner

Dreaming Canvas from Playstige Interactive is an interactive art game ready for you on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Dreaming Canvas review!

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For Dreaming Canvas, you’ll play as a novice painter who is just getting started in the art. You will get to select one of five self-contained locations to explore each area at a slow but steady pace, interacting with floating paintbrushes to hear inspirational quotes from famous painters in the art’s history, taking in the views as you use the preset canvas in each area to paint an image of what you see – the space, the structures, the people around you.

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You’ll do this by walking close to each canvas, which will open an edit menu. In here, you will see the landscape behind you and will move around five paintbrush bars with the D-Pad to change the color saturation for the image. Once you’re happy with the colors you’ve mixed, you’ll just have to select the “Draw on Canvas” option at the bottom of the paintbrush menu, press the X button… and your painting will be done! People near you will then gaze at your masterpiece in appreciation.

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This is more of a relaxing experience than an adventure game since you’ll be walking at a very slow pace, using the canvas to reflect your “mood” based on the color composition you decide on using for it. If you back out of the menu and are not quite happy with how the painting looks, you can simply interact with the canvas once again to change your selections for each of the five paintbrush bars to change the overall hues and tones for your art piece, as well as the thickness of lines in the style being used for that particular canvas.

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And now, let’s take a moment to talk about something that several of you are probably thinking about: trophies! Dreaming Canvas does not have a Platinum trophy, which might be a bummer for some of you. The good news is that you can get all of the trophies for Dreaming Canvas in around 10 minutes or so, give or take a few minutes. Each of the trophies is tied to interacting with each of the canvas that has a person standing close to it to see your work. The trophies are split into three Bronze, three Silver, and two Gold trophies.

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Dreaming Canvas is a budget release that serves as a relaxing art experience. You’ll be walking around each of the five environments in his $4.99 game at a slow pace, absorbing the ambiance, depicting each on canvas for eternity. It’s not breaking any new ground, but it’s a fun diversion to enjoy between other larger, more action-packed games.

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This Dreaming Canvas review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Playstige Interactive.

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