[Beyond PlayStation] 80 Days Review

by Tracey

80 Days is an interactive steampunk adventure inspired on the book by Jules Verne, presented a bit as a write your own adventure experience. Learn more about it in our 80 Days review!

In 80 Days from inkle, you get started on an adventure in which you’ll need to balance things out as you go. You are given £4,000 and will need to make the money last you over 80 days. You can buy things such as maps of travel routes plus a whole host of other things, depending on how your adventure plays out, which is why every player’s experience will be different! How you manage your money is going to be different from how other players make decisions, and based on those choices, there will an impact on the overall story.

80 Days Review - 2

Heavy spending will break you, and not planning your journeys right can cause an unbelievable amount of time-wasting – not to mention being a big waste of money. Your goal, as you can probably tell from the name, is simple: travel around the world in 80 days and do it with the four thousand pounds you are given. That may not sound like much money in 2019 to travel around the world, but back in 1872, it was a ton of money that could certainly come in handy for someone who wants to go around the globe.

80 Days has a ton of replay value since the decisions you make will impact how the game plays out, and that means that you can do a new round and change a handful of your choices and have a very different experience. You can fail the game if you spend too much money or run out of time, but that’s part of the experience. You’ll learn from your mistakes and will get better at developing a strategy that will allow you to push forward closer and closer to your goal, and you’ll have a lot of fun finding the secrets that 80 Days has to offer.

80 Days Review - 4

There are many paths to take and plenty of side-quests to complete. The locations you will visit are amazing and offer many potential detours, so it will be up to you to decide if you carry on with your initial plans or if you give yourself some extra breathing room to see the sights. It is completely up to you what you do with your story from every step you take in 80 Days.

80 Days Review - 1

There’s a ton of reading in this one, so if you’re a fan of visual novels, then you will greatly enjoy taking 80 days for a spin. But unlike in visual novels, you’re not going to run into giant walls of text. Instead, you will get dialogue options after every couple of paragraphs, keeping the story and the action moving along at a steady pace. Thanks to this, the game is not going to feel boring at all, as it’s way more interactive than how a visual novel release will usually play things out.

80 Days Review - 5

80 Days is probably the most fun interactive story I have played in a long time. I cannot recommend the game enough on Nintendo Switch. It is $12.99 asking price on the Nintendo eshop is a good one as it offers a lot of value, and it’s definitely a must-play for gamers that are ready to set out on an adventure – not to mention that if you’re a Jules Verne fan you’ll get a kick out of this experience. I do have something I want to nitpick at: I would have liked the clock to stop when planning your journeys since the current set up does force you to make decisions at a fast-pace, which increases the challenge. Other than that, 80 Days is a great game to play on Nintendo Switch.

This 80 Days review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by inkle.

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