[PlayStation 4] Doughlings Invasion Review

by Tracey

Doughlings Invasion is a new arcade-style game from Hero Concept that pays homage to a beloved arcade classic. Find out more in our Doughlings Invasion review!

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Doughlings Arcade was a fun arcade-style release that paid homage to old-school brick breaker games with a colorful twist. Hero Concept is now back with Doughlings Invasion a game that, as its name suggests, now pays homage to Space Invaders and other similar arcade games. Space Invaders was a more fast-paced arcade game, while Doughlings Invasion plays things a bit slower due to how the invaders change color multiple times as you attack them before they’re erased from the playing field.

This time around, it’s your job to help Morpheus by clearing all fifty stages spread across five areas. You can move left and right using the D-pad or the left analog stick and can attack the invaders that are slowly making their way down the screen. Collect the likes they leave behind after being defeated, and once you’ve collected enough, you can show off and unleash a super ability for each of the characters you can play as – with more being available as you progress in the game.

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At first, you won’t have that many colors for the invaders you’ll be facing since blue ones will disappear after being hit once, but as you progress further into the campaign more colored invaders will be added, each with a higher resistance to your attacks. While blue invaders are one hitters, red ones take to hits to be defeated, and so on. While Doughlings Arcade had a bit of a tutorial to it, that is not the case for Doughlings Invasion, so you’ll get to learn more about the gameplay mechanics on your own as you play – not a deal-breaker but certainly not what I was expecting.

The likes I mentioned before, which are left behind by the invaders once you have used your color gun to make them disappear, are shaped like a thumbs up, and they work as the game’s currency which you get to spend on upgrades at the end of each level. The better you are at defeating the invaders and racking up a combo, the bigger your score at the end of a level. You can also boost it by defeating the invader that flies over the rest of the pack, similar to the UFO you’d find in Space Invaders.

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You only get two lives to start off but you can earn more lives as you play, so you stand a higher chance of beating the game, but if you lose all your lives it’s game over and, as was the case for original arcade releases from back in the day, you’ll have to start again at the first stage in the game. On top of this, any upgrades you had obtained by using the likes you had collected will also be lost. I prefer a progression system in arcade-style games, so this one definitely left me scratching my head! I liked the upgrade system the game offers, but losing everything once you run out of lives is not how things should be.

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The team listened to the feedback of the gaming community – which reflects how I felt after playing the game for review – and has now rebalanced the game’s difficulty while also introducing checkpoints so that all of your progress is not lost after you succumb to the onslaught of invaders. It changes how you take on Doughlings Invasion, and I do believe it makes it a more fair and fun game to play on PlayStation 4.

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Doughlings Invasion is a fun arcade-style release that pays homage to Space Invaders and other space shooter games from decades ago, all in the colorful Doughlings universe. The art style is charming as good as what we saw for Doughlings Arcade, but the game’s music is probably the one thing I didn’t like about this new experience. The game is available for a budget $9.99, so be sure to check if it’s one you’d like to play!

This Doughlings Invasion review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Hero Concept.

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