[PlayStation 4] Daggerhood Review

by Tracey

Daggerhood is a fast-paced 2D action platformer on PlayStation that is a lot of fun, providing players with a good challenge. Learn more in our Daggerhod review!

You play as a thief named Vincent S. Daggerhood who has been sentenced for theft and sent to the forsaken caverns. Because of this, your goal in the caverns is simple: escape! While doing so, you can collect the treasures in each area which will boost the number of stars you can earn at the end of a level. On top of this you can collect the fairies, which must be one quickly since, if you’re not fast enough, the fairy for that stage will disappear. Want to get a three-star rating? Then you’ll need to be fast and nimble… and have flexible fingers!

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The game offers 100 levels to complete, and trophy hunters will be pleased to learn that they will only need to complete the first ten levels at a fast pace while collecting all fairies and getting a three-star rating to be able to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. For some of the levels, you will need to first focus on getting all the treasures, and then doing a second pass on a level to try and get the fairy before it disappears. Practice and patience are needed for this adventure.

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Escaping levels can be tricky business, but Vincent S. Daggerhood has an ace up his sleeve: he has the ability to use his dagger has a teleporting device! On top of being able to attack enemies with your dagger, if you time it right, you can throw his dagger, teleport to the location of the dagger, avoid hazards, or collect some treasure or a fairy. It’s a very fun gameplay mechanic that, along with the tight level design, makes for an entertaining experience. A correctly timed dagger throw and you will find yourself in a great spot to reach the exit.

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The difficulty will naturally ramp up at a good pace, with some areas having some very tight spots for you to navigate through. With action platformers like Daggerhood, it’s expected that players will at some point die many times in a single stage as they try to find the best route to take to be as fast and effective as possible. You have all sorts of hazards to be aware of as you run, jump, and teleport, such as the classic spikes, bottomless pits, and more. Each level is short, so you will be going from stage to stage at a steady pace unless you are the type of player that likes to 100% a game.

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Every 20 or so levels you will end up facing off against a boss, and it is during these boss fights that the game dials up the difficulty a bit. If trial and error is important for you to learn how to beat each stage while collecting all treasures and the fairy, it’s a must for boss fights! Luckily for trophy hunters beating the bosses is not a requirement for unlocking one of the trophies on their way to the Platinum.

Daggerhood Review - 5

Daggerhood is a lot of fun to play, with solid level design and gameplay mechanic that makes it so that you’re always on the move. The colorful art style was what first grabbed my attention, but I’m here to report that I enjoyed the game as well, so this is one you should definitely play on the PlayStation family.

This Daggerhood review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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