MISTOVER On Its Way To PS4 And Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

RPG MISTOVER from KRAFTON is on its way to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with a planned October release. Come check it out!

‘MIST-ical’ RPG with expeditions for finding the key to survival. Choose your next step wisely and keep in mind that your every move will change the future. Create your own ‘Corps’ and explore through various regions in the Pillar of Despair: forests, lakes, mountains, cities, cathedrals, castles, and much.

Mistover Review PS4 - 1

Mistover Review PS4 - 2

Mistover Review PS4 - 3

Mistover Review PS4 - 4

Mistover Review PS4 - 5

Mistover Review PS4 - 6

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