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The colorful and charming Wilmot’s Warehouse is now live on Nintendo Switch, courtesy of publisher Finji. Learn more about this Zen experience in our Wilmot’s Warehouse review!

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a relaxing single-player or local two-player co-op experience in which, as the name would suggest, you take control of Wilmot, who reminded me of BoxBoy for a bit, and the action involves will indeed involve a warehouse. Wilmot’s Warehouse offers a Normal mode, which the game recommends you take for a spin for your first time playing this experience, as well as an Expert mode in which you can establish some custom rules to add an extra challenge.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - Co-Op

The game will throw you into warehouse training 101 so that you can get the hang of things. Wilmot can be moved with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, quickly flying around in all directions. You can collect products by moving Wilmot next to them and pressing the A button, which will allow you to carry it to its destination. If you want to, you can grab several items at once by pressing the A button and moving the cursor with the right analog stick, but do be aware that the more things you are carrying, the harder it will be for Wilmot to move them. Because of this, you can tab the B button to drop a block, or press and hold the button and use the analog stick to move the cursor around.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - 1

As you review the products, you will notice that they can be organized into different categories. The game shows this to you by giving you a bunch of hats to sort into the hats space, as well as some snowflakes and igloos which are to go under the winter category. Your coworkers will also ask for specific items, and it will be your job to give them what they want by checking out where in the warehouse said items are located. You can get different upgrades as you play, such as a boost you can activate by pressing the Y button, or being able to rotate, along with any products you might be carrying, by pressing the L and R buttons to rotate left and right, respectively.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - 2

If you want to boost your performance rating and get some extra stars, you can rush to complete your objectives as fast as possible so that you can clock off early for the day. You are free to organize products however you see fit, but do remember that it does pay to sort items with some proper logic behind your decisions because once the trucks have delivered a ton of products and the service windows open up, you’ll need to act as fast as possible to fulfill all pending orders.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - 3

The game is split into the delivery phase during which more product is delivered to the warehouse by way of trucks, and the service phase during which you’ll be fulfilling orders. On top of this, there is also a time when you’ll be able to use your stars to purchase upgrades for Wilmot- These include the aforementioned speed boost and being able to rotate blocks, but you can also increase your carry limit so that you can carry more blocks at once without slowing Wilmot down so much. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a period for rearranging all stock in the warehouse for as long as you please, which will make it possible to review if your system for categorizing products worked or it was a bust.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - 4

The more you play the more new products will be added to what the delivery trucks can drop at the warehouse, which will increase the overall challenge since, with every new product that is added into the mix, more and more products will need to be stocked and kept in check to be able to fulfill your coworkers’ requests. If time runs during the delivery phase, the service phase will start right away. Run out of time during the service phase? Then you won’t get a single performance star.

Wilmot's Warehouse Review - 5

Wilmot’s Warehouse is very fun minimalist puzzle game that at times offers a very Zen experience during the moments when you can take all the time you want to reorganize all of the products left over at the warehouse between each round. It’s fun to try and come up with your own categories as you aim to group different products into groups that will make sense when you’re hurrying up to find the right set of products requested by our coworkers. Will you group products by colors? Are you going to group them based on their overall shape? Are you going to add some of them under a maritime theme? You can group products however you want, but be sure to remember where you left everything!

This Wilmot’s Warehouse review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Finji.

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