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Sudoku Universe from indienova is a very relaxing puzzle collection on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Sudoku Universe review!

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Sudoku Universe on Nintendo Switch offers three different gameplay modes for you to take on: Sudoku Universe, Sudoku Jigsaw, and Sudoku Killer. All of the puzzles in each mode can be played either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode. You can either move a cursor with the left analog stick press the A button on a vacant box to open a set of the number 1 through 9 on the right side of the screen moving a cursor with the right analog stick to highlight a number to then press the ZR button to add, or you could touch an open spot on the grid and then touch the number you want to add there.

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First up, let’s start with Sudoku Universe. This is the regular Sudoku experience you know and love, in which you are tasked with completing a 9×9 grid that is made of 3×3 sets of sub-grids by using the numbers already in place to figure out where you need to add the remaining numbers that go from 1 through 9. Simple, right? The twist is that you can’t have the same number twice on a sub-grid, or on a line or column. Using the numbers already in place in each line and column, as well as the numbers that exist in each of the sub-grids, you’ll be able to figure out what particular number is missing for each box.

Sudoku Universe – the game mode – offers 200 levels in total, split into Easy, Medium, Hard, Master Ninja, Pro Pack and Pro Pack 2 sets, which makes it easier for players of all skill levels to find the right set to begin with as they climb up the difficulty chart. Even if you’re a Sudoku expert, you might want to start by solving the puzzles in the Easy or Medium sets so that you can get an idea of how the game will control, so that you can then focus on solving the harder puzzles as you aim at doing so in the fastest time possible.

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Sudoku Jigsaw has 100 separate puzzles to solve. The twist for this one is that instead of having 3×3 sub-grids to complete, each group of nine blocks is going to be presented in different shapes, similar to what a jigsaw puzzle piece would look like. All of these pieces will always have space for you to complete the layout with the remaining numbers from 1 through 9, while also taking into consideration the numbers already placed in each of the columns and lines in the level. It’s a fun twist on the Sudoku formula that helps to keep the experience feeling fresh.

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The final game mode is called Sudoku Killer. What this one brings to the table is another 100 puzzles in which, along with the regular rules of Sudoku, you also have to deal with different groups of blocks, marked by the dashed-line outline for each group, for which the sum of all numbers inside of the group must match the total marked by the white number inside of the red circle for that group. Because of this, it’s certainly easier to make some mistakes here and there, but you’ll get the hang of things after completing a couple of puzzles. The game knows this is a very different type of experience, so it will offer you some clues as to the sets of numbers you could potentially place inside of each group of boxes to give you a heads-up on what you could do.

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Sudoku Universe is a good option for Sudoku fans on Nintendo Switch, offering a ton of content to play in three different game modes for a budget $6.99 price tag. This is another solid release from indienova that fans of Sudoku puzzles should check out.

This Sudoku Universe review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by indienova.

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