[PlayStation 4] Tour de France 2019 Review

by the_nmac

Chase the Yellow Jersey as you speed down to race for the podium. Are you ready for the challenge? Then check out our Tour de France 2019 review!

The yellow jersey is yours!

The official route of the 21 stages of the 2019 Tour de France has been reproduced down to the last detail, and will take you from Belgium to the Champs-Elysées.
You can also play online for the first time in the history of the series, challenging up to 3 other players in shorter, more intense races.
Descents, sprints, team tactics… Experience the Tour from inside the peloton!

– Online multiplayer: two to four players can challenge each other on a wide variety of races.
– New challenges: Sprints – After the descents, players can challenge each other in Sprint mode.
– New race: one of the oldest cycling competitions, the Tour of Flanders.
– New’ World Championship’ mode: ride to victory as team manager or leader.

Tour de France 2019 | Announcement Trailer

It’s 2019, and that means it’s time to dive into a new Tour de France game. As someone who this year recently took up mountain biking for one more go, I was interested in seeing what a new video game based on the Tour de France would be like on PlayStation 4. Having previously reviewed the 2017 edition, I wanted to see what the 2019 version did differently.

[PS4] Tour de France 2017 Review

Tour de France 2019, as is to be expected, focuses on the Tour de France event, replicating the 21 stages throughout the race to middling effect. The controls are pretty simple, using the R2 button to pedal, L2 button to Brake, X to Sprint, and you can use the R1 button to change into an aerodynamic mode for going downhill. It’s not a complicated control scheme, very easy to get the hang of it. As you pedal, you can use sprint to take on the racers in front of you, so that you can climb some spots in the overall standings.

Sprinting requires stamina which you only have a bit of, so if you sprint too much, you are going to be out of energy and will slow down to recover, which will put you at a disadvantage. You can use the L1 button to set your effort so that you are not using all of your energy all at once. The game has a tutorial that goes through all of these gameplay mechanics, and while it’s basic, it does get the job done. I think Tour de France does a good job creating systems that replicate the feel of biking… but that doesn’t mean it translates to being fun while playing with a controller.

You can actually control your whole team as well. You can bring up a team menu and give them different commands of how you want them to behave. You can jump around between your team members for a change in pace, or even provide individual commands to specific team members. It’s a neat system and definitely changes the pace of the game while playing.

The racing itself is pretty uneventful, bordering on being boring. Since it’s based on a 21 stage race, most of the terrain you are cycling on is pretty flat, making most of the stages feel the same. There is a fast forward option you can use to speed up the race, and it will stop on the next major point of action, allowing you to focus on the more entertaining things. The game definitely picks up when you get to the mountain stages as you will constantly be managing your energy as you climb hills and going into your aerodynamic mode while going into the downhill modes. There aren’t many stages like this, but they were definitely my favorite parts of the race.

The game also has some challenge modes which are shorter smaller bursts of gameplay focusing on the racing downhill and trying to get the best time. You get medals depending on your performance and can get your name on a leaderboard with the best times. It does help get you ready for the main race and is better for when you are looking for shorter gameplay experiences. There are also some licensed shorter races you can play as well – same gameplay just smaller playtime. This adds a little more meat to the game, but it doesn’t really change up the gameplay. I did, however, enjoy the challenges in shorter bursts!

Let’s talk about the visuals: they’re not good. The game at times looks as if it was a late-era PS2 game or an early PS3 era release, and the presentation has not been improved greatly from the version that was released a couple of years ago. The game uses the same model for all of the different riders, making it hard to tell them apart in the podium beyond their jersey colors. The whole game needs a visual overhaul as it just doesn’t compete with other games in the market place at the moment, not to mention it makes no use of the added power of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Final Thoughts

Tour De France 2019 is an interesting game. While the systems do reflect what actual biking feels like, I don’t think it makes for a fun game. Boring stretches of gameplay and graphics straight out of the PS2/PS3 era don’t do it any favors. Unless you are a hardcore Tour de France fan, I’m not sure this package is right for you. And even if you are, there are probably better ways to spend your money.

This Tour de France 2019 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Bigben Interactive .

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