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Grass Cutter from Sometimes You is a voxel-style game in which you take your lawnmower and, well, mow the grass! Learn more in our Grass Cutter review!



In Grass Cutter, you’ll be doing exactly what he game’s name suggests: cutting grass… a lot of it! All you’ll have to worry about at first is moving your lawnmower around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, cutting all the grass in your path. As you move around the lawn, the battery of your lawnmower will start to deplete, and you have to finish the level before the battery completely runs out. Hitting any barriers or hazards will also damage your battery, depleting some of its energy, so you need to watch out for them or else you’re going to have to restart the stage to give it another go. Once enemies enter the mix, you’re going to have to pay attention to their movement patterns since you will instantly die when you come into contact with one of them.
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The more levels you complete, the more grass you will get to cut, and this will allow you to level up your lawnmower. At specific levels, you will unlock boosts to your lawnmower. First, up will be an improvement to the battery of your lawnmower so that you can have some extra time for each subsequent stage. You will also be rewarded with extra uses for the skills you can use depending on the lawnmower you have purchased or the power-ups you get in a level, so the higher your level, the better your odds of surviving each stage. You will also get extra lives so that if you run into an enemy or fly into the water, you can have another shot before having to restart a stage.

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As you mow those lawns and cut all of that grass, you will gain some of the gears that are used as the in-game currency. Gears can be used to purchase new lawnmowers, which will have some extra abilities, as well as their own look and color scheme. There is even a set of animals in which you can buy bulls, cows, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, llamas, unicorns, and even a snail, a turtle, a koala, and an elephant, and use them as if they were lawnmowers. As a bonus, their poop will be dangerous for monsters! For every level, you will be ranked out of a three-star rating depending on how long it took you to complete the stage. Clearing a stage will also reward you with some extra gears for your effort, and the more stars you get, the more bonus gears you will be awarded.

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The game has a Platinum trophy, with a variety of objectives that you could end up completing in an hour or two at most. You will unlock trophies for scaring many birds, cats, and dogs as you complete each stage – they will run or fly away as soon as you approach them -, for cutting 1,000 squares of grass, for falling into the water 20 times, for having your lawnmower take many mud baths, breaking down 100 barriers by crashing into them, eliminating a pesky quadcopter, and more.

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Grass Cutter is a fun arcade-style game on PlayStation 4 with a bit of a Pac-Man vibe that is fun to play. It offers plenty of levels to complete as you aim to get a three-star rating for all of them to 100% the game, and after you complete the first set of levels, you will get access to Master versions of them that have more hazards and obstacles, more aggressive enemies, and an overall bigger challenge. You can get Grass Cutter on PlayStation 4 for $6.99, or get the game on PlayStation Vita for $2.99.

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This Grass Cutter review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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