[Beyond PlayStation] Zombie Driver Immortal Edition Review

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Zombie Driver Immortal Edition from EXOR Studios is the definitive version with all DLC included at a low price. Learn more in our Zombie Driver Immortal Edition review!

What if the zombie apocalypse but with deadly vehicles at your disposal? That’s what Zombie Driver Immortal Edition presents to us on the Nintendo Switch. The game is split into the main Story mode, a Blood Race mode in which you’ll either take on single races or enter a tournament in which you’ll try to destroy all of your opponents so that you can win the race while driving down zombie-infested areas, and Slaughter, in which you’ll have to use your driving skills to survive in an arena-style mode.

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Story mode is the main dish of the game, and in it, you will need to use your deadly vehicle to save the day. Depending on the objectives you are given, you might need to defeat a specific number of zombies, or rescue survivors before their time is up! Complete the objectives – as well as the secondary objectives – and you will be rewarded. You might get a lot of cash, or an item to boost your car’s stats. Completing secondary objectives is a good way of boosting your chances of survival since the rewards you get are definitely worth it.

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For example, the first mission you take on in Story mode will ask that you rescue the Mayor, who is stuck in his car deep in the city and desperately needs your help. Along the way you’ll run over some zombies here and there, making sure to keep an eye on your health so that you can make the time to collect a healing repair kit when needed. While you can rush to the Mayor’s assistance right away, you can also take a bit of extra time to complete the secondary objective, which is to defeat 275 zombies to please the Mayor and give him the vengeance he seeks against the zombies that are ruining his city.

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Once you’ve completed the first mission, you’ll be taken to the car upgrade screen before you dive into the next set of objectives. The money you’ve earned can be put to good use, boosting the car’s resistance to attacks, how good it is for driving through groups of zombies, how fast it can go, how big of a boost you get when using a nitro, as well as the damage dealt by the machine gun, flamethrower, rockets, and railgun you can fire from your vehicle to help clear the zombie horde. Something to consider is that the car upgrades you purchase are only available for that specific car, so you shouldn’t be jumping from car to car if you want to upgrade a vehicle to unlock its full potential.

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Zombie Driver Immortal Edition on Nintendo Switch includes the main game as well as all DLC packs previously released for other versions, which means you’re getting The Apocalypse Pack, Tropical Race Rage, Burning Garden of Slaughter, and Brutal Car Skins for its $14.99 asking price. What this does is add an extra tournament for the racing side of things in which you’ll travel through islands as you find the remnants of an ancient civilization, add seven skins for the cars, two extra vehicles, and an extra arena for Slaughter mode.

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If you’re looking for an arcade-style zombie apocalypse driving action game, then Zombie Driver Immortal Edition is exactly what you need. It’s available at a good price with all DLC included right from the start, with a lot of content and variety, with the main Story mode, the Blood Race mode, and the Slaugther mode.

This Zombie Driver Immortal Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by EXOR Studios.

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