[Beyond PlayStation] Switchy Roads Review

by EdEN, Owner

Switchy Roads is a new budget arcade-style release on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Switchy Roads review!

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Switchy Roads is the first release from the new Dispatch Minis program from Dispatch Games that aims at bringing smaller, snack-sized games at a smaller price. The basic premise is that you control the changes on a shape that is going down a road that moves left and right, and left and right so that it can go through the holes in the middle of each path. The three shapes area circle, a triangle, and a standing rectangle, and you will change between those shapes, in a specific order, by pressing either the A or the B buttons.

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The game offers three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Extreme. The lower the difficulty, the slower the shape will move down the switching road, which means that younger players can play the game on Easy without feeling overwhelmed. Those that have more experience can play in Extreme, which I didn’t feel was that challenging as it was easy to change between the three shapes to make it through the different gates in the automatic travel path. As for extra options, you can change between different background colors for the game, and that’s about it.

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It’s hard to recommend Switch Roads at its $4.99 price tag since the game feels like a $2 game at most. It’s not broken or unplayable, but it’s certainly not a deep experience. I understand that the Dispatch Minis program aims to release smaller arcade-style games on Nintendo Switch, but at its current price point, there are other games on Nintendo Switch that do warrant their cost.

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This Switchy Roads review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Dispatch Games.

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