[Beyond PlayStation] Odallus: The Dark Call Review

by Tracey

Odallus: The Dark Call is a great looking old-school infused action game that is a must-play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Odallus: The Dark Call review!


As you take a look at Odallus: The Dark Call, you’ll be reminded of the 2D sidescrolling roots of the Castlevania series from back on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It’s going to be a challenging adventure that will undoubtedly remind fans of the NES trilogy… and beyond. You Play as retired soldier Haggis who is on a mission to save his son from the darkness that is destroying the town of Glenfinnan. Glenfinnan suddenly had a horde of monsters pour in, destroying the town and the surrounding areas, aiming to have humans join their ranks.

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The gameplay is easy to pick up thanks to the game’s 2D nature. You swing your sword with the Y button, use your sub-weapon with the X button, and jump with the A button to move from platform to platform as you hack and slash through the many monsters you will fight against. Along the way, you will get to upgrade your weapons and gear. Your bag can also be upgraded to carry more stuff. There are two types of chests you will find, with the one that is gold-ish containing basic items such as food to replenish your health, while the blue chests will contain better stuff such as upgraded gear. If you are a completionist, you’ll be searching high and low to find everything!

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Odallus is a bit more linear of an experience. You move left to right, up or down, searching for new things to collect. You might run into a merchant who can help you by selling you food to replenish your health, as well as exchange some Soul Orbs with for something special. Soul Orbs are going to be the special collectibles for you to find, along with the keys – which are self-explanatory – along with Shards, which I’ll leave as a surprise for you to learn more about.

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The art style presents to us a very pleasing 8-bit retro presentation, with a color palette that will, again, remind you of the Castlevania series and other games from the NES era. The character and enemy designs help to make everything pop, with large sprites that make all of them stand out. The game’s cutscenes will also remind you of games such as the excellent Ninja Gaiden, with dramatic angles, thunder and lighting, and very detailed versions of the in-game characters you meet.

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The gameplay, for the most part, is flawless and the controls work really well, but there is one thing that does not feel right: jumping and grabbing onto platforms. The window of opportunity for doing this right is too small, so you will need to line things up just right to be able to make the jump, or else you’ll pay for it. It’s the one complaint I have about the game’s gameplay mechanics since everything else clicks.

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Odallus: The Dark Call is a solid homage to old-school 2D action games from back in the day that presents gamers with a solid challenge during its 6-8 hours long campaign, depending on a player’s skill level. Levels are fun to explore, and you will need to use all of your weapons and skills to be able to defeat the enemies you meet on your path, as well as the big bosses you’ll battle up against. As long as you pay attention to their movement and attack patterns, you will have a shot at beating every single one of them – a little trial and error go a long way. Odallus: The Dark Call is out for $11.99, and is worth its asking price.

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This Odallus: The Dark Call review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digerati.

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