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Mighty Switch Force! Collection from WayForward brings us four games in the series in a single package on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Mighty Switch Force! Collection review!

Mighty Switch Force! Collection brings together Mighty Switch Force!, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition, Mighty Switch Force! 2, and Mighty Switch Force! Academy in a single package on the Nintendo Switch. The first two games are the original version that was released for the Nintendo 3DS way back in 2011, and the HD reworked and revamped remake with re-drawn graphics that was released for the Nintendo Wii U. The collection is available for $19.99, and it’s certainly worth its asking price!

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Mighty Switch Force! places you in the role of Officer Patricia Wagon who must find and capture the renegade prisoners that have escaped from custody. She will do this by running, shooting, and jumping through each of the 16 main levels and the five bonus stages as she uses her trusty Helmet Siren to alter each stage, making blocks appear and disappear to form platforms or to remove obstacles on your path. If you want to 100% a stage, you will need to find all five fugitives below the par time for the level, jumping into the exit robot before the deadline.

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Because of the rather tight par time for each stage, you will probably need to play each level at least twice so that you can use your first run to learn the level’s layout, what enemies you’ll be dealing with, where each of the five girls is located, and if there are any hazards to avoid, so that you can then do a second run fully aware of the par time to beat and how you can cut some valuable seconds here and there to get to the exit robot – which is named Corporal Gendarmor.

The action and content for Mighty Switch Force! and Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is pretty much the same, except that the Hyper Drive Edition includes Hyper versions of the main 16 incidents in Mighty Switch Force! What these Hyper versions do is take the original levels in the game (called incidents), and rework the layout for the blocks you can switch to dial up the overall difficulty to 11. Since to play the Hyper Versions of the levels you’ll first have to complete all regular versions and the five challenging bonus levels, the Hyper Versions take into consideration that by then you pretty much know all of the gameplay mechanics and tricks forwards and backwards.

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Mighty Switch Force! 2 has Patricia Wagon trade her original blue outfit and her mighty pellet gun for a red outfit and a backpack with a fire hose since she’s now joined the Galactic Fire Brigade. Because of this, along with the returning switching mechanic for blocks, there are now some fire-related puzzle elements to consider. Fire needs to be extinguished for you to progress, or else you’ll be damaged when you come into contact with it. Fire can also be used to your advantage if you were to, say, have it burn some wooden blocks that might be blocking your path. There are also new enemies throw into the mix, making Mighty Switch Force! 2 feel like a completely different experience.

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An on top of the wooden blocks, you will also need to deal with mud blocks that must be hosed way to open the way – or to perhaps drop one of the reformed former fugitive girls – for you to complete a stage. Along with rescuing the five girls, you will also need to keep your eyes peeled for an extra individual to rescue from the fire: a baby! Patricia has a rather… peculiar way of saving the baby. Once you’re near it, she will kick it out of the screen while screaming: “You’re safe!” Because of the baby, if you want to 100% this sequel, you will need to not only complete a stage under the par time but also find each of the babies in every level – something that you usually can’t do at the same time.

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The levels for this full-fledged sequel feel a bit more challenging right from the start, even if you’ve already played the prequel’s original or Hyper Drive Edition. Fire as an added hazard changes how you approach each of the stages since you’ll have to be extra careful with your health because one false move can have you lose a heart, which might force you to restart a stage. The available cat checkpoints – an option that was is available for the first game – are going to be extra useful for this one!

The last game in the collection is Mighty Switch Force! Academy, which was initially released as a PC game back in 2015. As the name suggests, the premise of this one is that it’s training day at the Planet Land Police Academy, but things go terribly wrong for Patty Wagon since her holographic training module starts to malfunction. To be able to escape from this madness, she will need to find and apprehend all of the Hooligan Sisters in each of the courses, with the gameplay of the original title in the series.

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The twist is that each of the courses can be played either on your own or with up to four players total at once! Thanks to this, completionists will need to complete all 20 courses – as well as the five classic bonus courses not only by themselves by also with a full four-player local co-op group… and do this under par time! The screen feels chaotically packed when four players are having a go at a stage, so each one will need to pay attention to where everyone else is located at all times, as well as communicate on time, to be able to succeed.

Because of the game’s premise, each of the courses is presented as a single-screen “virtual holographic experience,” and that means this one is a game that will be hard to play on your own or in local co-op while using the Nintendo Switch in Portable or Tabletop mode since each player, as well as all enemies and platforms in a course, will show up as considerably tiny objects on the console’s screen. Even when playing on the TV in docked mode each of the characters feels very small after playing the first two games in the series, so playing this spin-off will take some extra effort from everyone.

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Mighty Switch Force! Collection is a must-play game for fans of WayForward and their quirky series. It offers a ton of content and a hearty challenge in a very affordable $19.99 collection, giving you three full games and a remake of the first one that adds a new coat of paint while also providing remixed and very hard stages to take on, challenging even those of you that managed to finish all incidents and bonus stages back when the game released on the Nintendo 3DS.

This Mighty Switch Force! Collection review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by WayForward.

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