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Can you help Billy find his dog in Left-Right: The Mansion on the Nintendo Switch? Learn more about this minimalist puzzle release in our Left-Right: The Mansion review!

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In Left-Right: The Mansion, Billy and his dog Gigi are playing outside of a slightly spooky mansion when the ball they’re using ends up going inside of the mansion’s yard. Gigi jumps over the wall, chasing after the ball, which forces Billy to go beyond the mansion’s gates to try and find them both before it is too late. A large skull welcomes you to the mansion, explaining how things inside the mansion are going to be, all before testing you with your first boss fight. For this, you will need to test your luck as you select between left and right to cut down the chains holding the skull so that you can open the double doors that lead inside of the mansion.

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As the name of the game suggests, your only two options for this one are either left or right. This can be selected either by pressing left or right on the left analog stick or the D-Pad, or by touching the left or the right side of the Nintendo Switch’s screen when playing in Tabletop or Portable mode. If you select the wrong door, then you’ll be sent back to the start of that floor, but the overall sequence will remain the same. Trial and error is very much a big part of this game since you’ll be guessing between two options – going left or going right – to complete a floor on your way to saving your missing dog.

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If you select the right door, then you will be able to proceed to the next pair of doors for you to choose between going left or right. If, on the other hand, you make the wrong selection, you will find one of many potential scares. These include things such as a man holding an axe, an invisible man, a big blob of slime, a very creepy little girl with no face, a giant snail, a floating skeleton, a big-headed alien, a fierce lion, an enormous and creepy Easter bunny holding a considerably large egg, and more.

When you get the full sequence of doors right for a particular floor, you will get to a boss fight in which each time you make a correct guess you will deal some damage to the boss, and when you land a full correct sequel, the boss will be no more. Without spoiling all bosses in the game, along with the aforementioned giant skull that is blocking your entry to the spooky mansion, you will also battle against a large animated suit of armor and a giant bear that certainly packs a punch.

Left-Right: The Mansion Review - Bear

The next floor that you take on will have more overall pairs of doors for you to choose from, slightly bumping up the difficulty with each new floor that you explore. The experience is not an endless type of game since once you’ve managed to reach the last floor of the mansion, you will get to battle one final boss before you can finally be reunited with Gigi and leave the spooky mansion behind.

Left-Right: The Mansion is a fun arcade-style that is easy to play since all you need to worry about is selecting between going left or right, giving you a 50-50 chance of being right. You’re looking at around an hour and change for doing a full run based on how good your memory is. And once you’ve managed to rescue Gigi from the mansion, you can do it all over again with a new set of sequences for each of the mansion’s floors, or you can take on the super level, which combines all five floors into a single long-run experience. You will also unlock an infinite mode in which you’ll aim to beat your total, as well as a challenge mode in which you can select to play for one, three, or five minutes to see how many correct guesses you can get. The game has a great art style and is available for a low $3.99.

This Left-Right: The Mansion review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Triple Boris.

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